The Much Needed Health Precautions for Congo

There is no question about Congo’s ability of being an exquisite tourist destination. With its exceptionally thrilling adventure activities along with an array of entertainment and fun activities, blended with serene sites of natural beauty, Congo is in fact a brilliant choice for a vacation. This is the precise reason why a reasonably large number of travelers book cheap flights to Congo, a country well known for its lowland Gorillas and wild chimpanzees.

However, there is no denying of the fact either that traveling to Congo may ask for travelers to take certain precautions before going to the country and also while they are stationed therein. Since the country’s landscape is such as comprises mostly of thick rainforest and a dense population of wild habitat, one need to be wary of the endemic diseases that can sometimes prove to be life threatening. So that you may be able to enjoy a completely safe and exciting trip to Congo, let us help you know of some precaution you should take if you plan to book cheap tickets to Congo.

 Vaccines against Hepatitis A and Typhoid are recommended for all travelers to be taken before heading off to your journey. The Hepatitis A vaccine should be given at least two weeks before your departure and preferably four weeks before with a booster injected 6-12 months after the first doze so that a long-term immunity may be secure. Moreover, for all of you adventure seekers out there, it is a must to get a vaccine against the Yellow fever, which is a very dangerous disease often leading to death and should always be take from an approved Yellow fever vaccination centre.  Nothing to be worried about though, strong and tested vaccines are available  now to prevent you from these diseases, so if it is not for your negligence, you can safely travel to Congo without  having to worry. Yellow fever vaccines are in fact recommended for anyone who is above one year of age and is visiting Congo.

Since Sub-Saharan areas generally witness a prevalence of Polio, a vaccine against this disease is also recommended. For all those travelers who have had an immunization in their childhood but did not receive a booster at adult stage should receive a single doze of the inactivated polio vaccine.

If you are traveling to Congo with the intention of exploring the country’s adventures and wildlife mysteries, you need to have a Rabies vaccine beforehand. Moreover, for travelers who would are expected to come in direct contact with bats are also recommended to take this vaccine. Also children, who usually tend to play with animals, become more vulnerable to this fatal disease and hence they should also be provided with adequate protection.

Most recently an outbreak of chikungunya fever, a mosquito- borne disease which causes fever and incapacitation of muscle and joints as its symptoms, was reported in the Republic of Congo. Although rarely fatal, the disease may cause fatigue and might also lead to Malaria.

Apart from the above mentioned diseases, special precautions should be taken once you inside the country. Gastric diseases and diarrhea are seen attacking many foreigners who come to visit Congo since they are not accustomed to the food and water of the new country. To prevent going through the inconvenience, we recommend that you abstain from eating bush meat and drinking tap water. It would be for your benefit to keep handy mineral water bottles. After all prevention is always better than cure.

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