A New Game Viewing Rock Star in Zambia

Wildlife is the real attraction of Africa; no where else on the planet you will find such a rich diversity of animal and bird species than in this beautiful continent. Most of the African countries are full of wildlife but most tourists only consider the national parks of Kenya or Tanzania for game viewing, to be more precise they consider Masai Mara and Serengeti as the places providing ultimate wildlife experience. The major reason behind this was that the rest of the national parks of Africa lacked the basic facilities like accommodation and infrastructure. Although this was true for the most part of the 20th century and even in the first decade of 21st century, the trend has certainly begun to change in the last few years. Tourists have started to look towards other national parks as well because of their exotic wildlife and the improvement in the facilities they can provide.

Take the Lower Zambezi National Park of Zambia for example, it was neglected as a small and mismanaged park for the much of its history but with some real effort put in by the tourism authorities of Zambia it has become the premier national park of the country and is gaining attention of the tourists as well. Now spanning on an area of 4092 sq km along the north western bank of the Zambezi River, the park provides awesome wildlife viewing experience. The infrastructure in the area has improved and if you hire a decent vehicle you can reach the park by a 3 hours drive, after taking a cheap flight to Lusaka.

The elephants of the park are its greatest attraction and you will find a lot of herds of these gigantic mammals grazing in the fields of the park. The best way to explore the Lower Zambezi Park is in a 4wd and in the presence of a park ranger. The most of the game viewing is done close to the banks of Zambezi where all the animals gather for quenching their thirst and to get an escape from the scorching heat of the Zambian sun. The Zambezi River is full of hippos and it will take some real bad luck on your side to miss them. But the highlight of your tour to the park will be seeing the elephants swimming in the Zambezi River, and by the way you can join them by hiring a boat from the lodges and resorts of the park.

In one aspect that the park has really improved is the accommodation facilities; a few years back it was hard to find a decent lodge in or even around the park so most of the visitors used to camp out in the wild. But now there are many lodges and resorts in the park that caters to the tourists with all types of budgets. Most of these facilities are around the Chongwe Gate the southern entrance to the park but there are a few lodges close to the northern and eastern gates as well.

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