A Paradise in Nairobi

What comes to your mind when you imagine being in a Paradise on Earth? It would surely have to be exceptionally beautiful and exquisitely serene in order to be Paradise. While paradise on earth may be considered as nothing more than only a figure of speech by many, in reality there are a few places on earth that, if aren’t completely worthy of being what we imagine as Paradise, they surely are quite close to such ideas.

Hard to believe, right? Well, why not come and explore it for yourself. Paradise Lost Resort in Nairobi is one classic example of how Paradise would have been like had anyone of us seen it! Book cheap flights to Nairobi and get a chance to explore this marvelous paradise. For the time being, let’s have a brief look at what the place has for those who’re booking cheap flights to Nairobi.

Paradise Lost Resort Nairobi Kenya

Paradise Lost Resort, located on a massive area of 54-Acres of land only 8 km away from Nairobi, is perhaps the area where the famous tale of Adam and eve spurred to mark its notoriously popular reputation among generations to come. Whatever the case may be the fact remains that this piece of land is virtually an exhilarating place to visit. With caves breathing from the time of stone-age, threes that hide under their shades mysteries of a life time, waterfalls that mime tales of the unknown and rivers sink in them the deepest secrets of life, Paradise Lost resort is certainly no ordinary place.

There is a distinct way about this place, from the sound of the winds to the magical pours of water. However, with brainy developments of human mind coming into the scene, this place now stands as a ravishing and enthralling tourist resort, offering all sorts of activities that would appeal to a tasteful tourist or an enthusiastic adventurist. There are a number of natural trails that have been modified to make them perfect spots for Bird viewing, horse and camel riding, boat riding and other exciting activities. Moreover, today visitors can practice feeding Ostriches, visit coffee farms, go fishing and undertake water tours in and around the place.

At the Paradise Lost Resort, visitors have a perfect opportunity to explore the hidden secrets of history while undertaking adventurous activities such as cave exploration into caves as old as 2.5 million years, mountain climbing and cliff diving at this famous Parkland. In case you want to plan a trip with family, there are a number of activities that offer just what every kid wants. Ranging from face painting to swimming lessons, there are bundles of activities designed especially for the young ones.

Paradise Lost Falls Nairobi Kenya

When it comes to staying and accommodation at this heavenly Holiday Resort, the Paradise Lost Resort offers camps of varying sizes, suitable for groups and couples. While your stay at the marvelous resort, you can enjoy tasting local African delicacies accompanied by a exquisite bar facilities for you to enjoy that little night high under the sparkling sky! Generally camping ranges are set on the foot of the mountains but when you’re on a hiking tour, camping on mountain sites can also be arranged by the resort.

The best part of booking cheap flights to Nairobi for a trip to the Paradise lost Resort is that tourists get the best value for their money. They can enjoy all the thrill and excitement that Kenya has to offer, all at one place and on stunningly affordable rates. So if you’ve long held that holiday trip, it’s the perfect time to plan it now, for this is the perfect season to enjoy all the activities at the Paradise Lost Resort in Nairobi.

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