Mauritius, More Than Just An Island

There are not many islands that can offer the goodness of the whole world within their limited boundaries. But Mauritius is one such island that has every thing you can ask for in a tropical paradise and even more. To start with, it has the whitest sandy beaches of Africa along the sapphire blue sea with some luxurious hotels to stay in. But that’s what most of the other islands have right, but Mauritius also has some great historical sight viewing, rich cultural diversity and awesome inland geographical attractions to make your vacation a memorable one. It’s a part of Africa but still quite unique to the continent in its culture and lifestyle.

Mauritius Island Cottage

The main airport of the country is on the mainland and you can easily find cheap flights to Mauritius from most of the major airports worldwide. For most tourists the real attraction of the place is either the beaches of the mainland or of the beautiful island of Rodriguez. There are daily flights available from the mainland for Rodriguez and you can also decide to take the ferry to this gorgeous island. The palm fringed beaches of Rodriguez are perfect for a relaxing vacation and there are enough deserted places along the beach for you to get a full body tan.

The services and facilities of the area are according to the highest world standard and you can easily find a hotel or resort according to your budget and needs. The calm and clear waters of the area around the island are perfect for snorkeling, scuba diving and swimming for which you can hire the equipment from the local resorts.

Back on the mainland island you will find some of the most stunning architecture of the colonial era in the capital city of Port Louis which is also the wealthiest city of the continent and is a strong contender for the most beautiful capital of Africa. But most of the Mauritius locals are not a big fan of the place because of the epidemic that spread through it in the 18th and 19th centuries and try to live just outside the city. If you are looking for some activities inland then head to the Black River Gorges National Park and trek through the virgin forests of Mauritius which provides a dramatic setting for camping in the wild.

Grand Baie Beach Mauritius

If you are looking for a lively nightlife, then head to the northern town of Grand Baie. Established in the 17h century by the Dutch East India Company, the town has become the hub for the party goers in the country. You will find it full of nightclubs and pubs where the party never ends. If the place get too noisy for you then you can always find an escape in the beautiful beach area of Grand Baie, although there will be a lot parties going on even on its beaches. As I said a tour to Mauritus will definitely not be another beach vacation but a fulfilling experience with a fusion of nature, history and culture.

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