The Best National Park of South Africa

If you are a wildlife enthusiast then you must have watched that Lion-buffalo-crocodile fight on You Tube, I am saying must have because it has been watched more than 40 million times now. The location of this awesome duel witnessed by some really lucky tourists was the Kruger National Park of South Africa. One of the largest park in the continent Kruger’s lush savannah is home to thousands of animals of different species including the Big Five animals of Africa.

The place’s natural beauty alone makes it worth visiting, with its roaring rivers, occasional rocky bluffs and lush surroundings it provides an awesome opportunity for a vacation. If you couple it with hundreds of lions, leopards, buffalos, crocodiles, elephants, giraffes, hippos and many other species roaming around the park, you get your self a must see place during your vacation in South Africa.

Kruger National park has its own airport but if you are flying from outside of the South Africa then the best option will be to take a cheap flight to Johannesburg and then either take a connecting flight to Kruger National park or drive a 4wd through the mountainous Mpumalanga area. It is considered as the premier national park of South African and the one with the most developed infrastructure, you can easily find an accommodation facility here according to your budget and needs.

There are a number of ways for exploring the park, as most of the roads are well maintained and sealed so you can take a tour of the park in your own car. But if you are a little more adventurous then you can hire a 4wd and head in to the wilderness for a rough drive and to observe the wildlife up close. Mountain biking and hiking are other ways for exploring this gorgeous park.

The place gets a little crowdie on weekends especially when you arrive their during the school vacations. But there will still be quite a lot of peaceful places in the park where you will not see a single vehicle for hours. The area north of Phalabrowa Gate is where most of the gravel roads are and most of the tourist prefers the southern area because of the tarmac roads, so it will be a great place if you are looking for some solitude.

The southern part of the park is where you will find the highest concentration of animals and is also the area which is most easily accessible by the vehicle. But the most beautiful natural setting with the lush bushes and excellent savannah feeling is in the northern end of the park, although the concentration of wildlife in this area is far less than the south. The north is also perfect for bird watching and is considered as one of the best bird watching place in whole of the continent.

As the Kruger Park is just on the border with Zimbabwe and Mozambique, it forms a cross frontier park called the Great Limpono Cross Frontier Park which encompasses an area of around 35,000 sq km. A connection is being planned to join the park with the Zimbabwean national park in the near future but currently you can venture into the Mozambique’s Limpono National Park by the two border crossings that allow tourists a pass.

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