Kribi, The Bali of Africa

Most of the tourists visit Africa either for the exotic wildlife of its national parks or the hip life style of few of its cities. But there is another attraction hidden in this large continent that most visitors tend to miss out on. It’s the pristine beaches of Africa, some as beautiful as the beaches of South East Asia like Phuket and Langkawi. Why to travel half a world away when you can find the sandy beaches to relax on by a couple of hour flight.

Take the beaches of Kribi for example, located in the southern Cameron most tourist don’t even know if they exist but the ones that have visited them tell us about the stunning beauty of the place which can always compete on equal terms with places like Bali.

Another reason for this place not getting on the tourist radar was the turmoil in the area in the 80’s leading up to 90’s when the region was fighting a guerilla war for attaining autonomy from the central government. But this problem has been solved long ago and the region is enjoying the most peaceful environment in the country and perhaps the whole continent.

Kribi Beach Cameroon

The palm fringed beaches and the turquoise water along with its tropical climate offer a perfect opportunity for a relaxing vacation. The place has an added advantage as it is not yet as famous with the tourist as the south East Asian destinations so beaches are mostly unspoiled and there are ample opportunities for finding a deserted part of the beach where you can enjoy your vacation in solitude.

Although the region has its own airport but if you are flying in from outside the country then the best option will be to take a cheap flight to Douala and then either take a connecting flight to Kribi or make the journey by road. The area is seeing a tourism boom at least on the domestic front as more and more people of the elite classes of Cameron head to Kiribi especially on the Weekends.

Because of this recent boom the prices of hotels in Kiribi has gone up but they are far less then what you imagine to pay in such a tropical paradise in Pacific or South East Asia. The boom also means that now you will find quite a lot of hotels here ranging from some luxurious four stars to the ones catering to the tourists traveling on a budget.

The water is clear and calm, perfect for a shallow water swim but you can also indulge your self in other activities like snorkeling and scuba diving for which you can hire the required equipment from the local resorts. You can also hire a boat to take you to the open sea but the best way to explore the area and enjoy the natural goodness of the place is to travel and fish with the local fishermen of the area who have a small settlement close to the resort area.

Another attraction of Kribi and in fact of whole of Cameron is its nightlife, which is considered to be the most vibrant and lively in the continent. You will find a number of clubs and bars along the beach as well as a few of the beach parties that go on for the whole night.

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