BMI Makes Africa More Attractive

If you fly through sky ways from Europe to Africa it will only take 3 hours to take you in African territories there you can see a new world with new customs, languages, cuisines, outfits and much more differences in living style.

African people are friendly, loving and sensitive and greet you according to their typical traditions; they have a lot of festivals and attractions in term of enjoyments you will find their markets fully crowded. Just you need to take flight with British Midland International which UK’s well renowned carrier and announces amazing airfares to Africa.

Zambezi River Zimbabwe

Cheap flights to Addis Ababa are starting from £276, Freetown from £513, Tripoli from £179, Cape Town from £390, Johannesburg from £314, Durban & Port Elizabeth from £409 and East London from £428.

These fares are applicable from 2nd Aug 2011 for departures and sales/ticketing. One way discounted fares and special airfares for children and infants are also available.

Don’t lose this opportunity to book flight with this extensive deal.

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