Exploring South Africa’s Southern Coast

There are always a number of ways by which one can explore a country, you can spend your whole vacation in one or more of its hip cities or venture outside them and explore the natural beauty of the country. But there is always another way of approaching your vacation in a country by arranging with the help of your tour operator an experience that provides you the goodness of both urban and wild life of the place. Take South Africa for example, you can spend a whole vacation in its metropolises like Cape Town or have an awesome wildlife watching experience in its virtually limitless national parks. But if you arrange your vacation properly you can enjoy best of both its cities and of its wildlife national parks.

One of the best experiences is when you plan your vacation along the beautiful coast of South Africa. You can start it by exploring the gorgeous Cape Town, a city that has become the main attraction of South Africa more than any thing else in the country. You can find a cheap flight to Cape Town from most of the major airports worldwide. You can start your tour of the city by paying a visit to the awesome table mountain, rugged but with some stunning flora surrounding it, it is always a must see place for the tourists. The city is considered as the most beautiful at least in the continent, and its beauty attracts thousands which means the accommodation price here is quite steep, but with a little effort and search you can always find some place cheap to live in.

Addo Elephant National Park South Africa

The next place worth visiting just close to the coast is the Addo Elephant National Park which was formed to preserve the remnants of the herds of elephants that use to roam the eastern bay. There are thousands of elephants there and it will take some great bad luck on your side to miss them. The only problem is that if a heavy rain hit the area, the park will be closed as the dirt roads inside it will become impassable, so it will be a good idea to check with the authorities in advance before arriving there. Another park in the area is famous for its breeding program fro cheetahs and you can get real close and personal with these awesome creatures that has always fascinated most of us.

For a memorable wine tasting experience you can travel to Stellenbosch and visit one of its many vineyards that provide some of the best vines and bears in the country. Another famous vine tasting destination will be the Paarl valley just outside the Cape Town. For making this journey you can either hire your own car or travel with the local bus service which is comfortable and cheap at the same time. The whole trip from Cape Town to Stellenbosch, Paarl Valley and back will not take more than one day of your trip but if you want to prolong this experience then you can easily find cheap accommodation in the area.

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