Air Zimbabwe Strike – A Brief History

It seems it’s a tradition for Air Zimbabwe crew to go on a strike at least twice a year. The airline has had a notorious history of remarkable strikes that caused momentous hassle to thousands of passengers. However, country’s economic crisis and the significant amount of debt the company is in contribute towards the current situation and have lead to fading number of passengers. Let’s take a quick replay of the disastrous events that started off back in 2010.

September 08, 2010 was the first day of the first pilot strike at Air Zimbabwe. The crew demanded their full salaries from the airline which it refused to pay and the financial dispute led to 60 pilots going on strike. The passengers had to face sheer dejection as they were stranded for about two weeks until the issue was resolved when the airline promised to pay back the crew’s due share. The first strike is said to have caused a loss of US$5 million to the airline.

It had not been a very long, Air Zimbabwe had begun to float smoothly once again, that the second pilot strike came in on March 23, 2011. It actually shook the national airline of Zimbabwe to the extent that it was picked out from the Billing and Settlement Plan (BSP – IATA’s recognition of an airline credit) and was gently put aside. The strike lasted for…Read more 


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