Exploring Gansbaii, The World’s Capital of Great White Sharks

The Great White Shark is for sure the supreme rulers of the ocean and most of us are fascinated by them, although they claim more lives than any other marine life. But when you can observe this awesome creature closely but by still staying in the safety of the ground, this can be a memorable experience. And there is no better place for this experience than the capital of the Great White Shark watching, the Gansbaii in South Africa. It’s not just the sharks but the area is also rich with the whales that again can be watched from the shore without getting into any danger. If you couple it all with the rugged and lush surroundings and the white sandy beaches of the area and you get your self a perfect vacation spot.

The area has made a name for itself in the recent years as a popular tourist destination and the lone reason for the tourist interest is not the shark and whale watching. Inland the Gansbaii has some gorgeous cliffs called De Kelders which are considered as some of the best for climbing and hiking in South Africa. If you are flying from outside the South Africa then the best option will be to take a cheap flight to Cape Town.

As the area is witnessing a boom in tourism a lot of hotels and resorts have recently opened in Gansbaii improving the accommodation facilities tremendously. If you are there for just watching the Great White Sharks then head to the Shark Alley in the north of Ganbaii which has the highest numbers of sharks in any other coastal waters of the world. The swimming is strictly prohibited in the waters of the alley because of the dangers posed by these sharks.

Gansbaii Cape Town South Africa

Another spot just north of the shark alley is abundant with seals and acts as the hunting ground for the sharks. There is a luxurious resort just on the tip of the point and has a pretty good restaurant which serves some of the best cuisine of South Africa. If you are interested in some cave exploration then the De Kelders area has enough caves to provide you with an awesome experience. The beaches of the De Kelders area are great for a relaxing vacation and its waters are not infested with sharks so you can swim in the turquoise waters.

There are a number of resorts in this area that offer quality services and as the competition is high in the area so the prices are quite cheap if you compare it with other places like Cape Town. You can indulge in a lot of activities here ranging from snorkeling to the scuba diving which will provide you an awesome opportunity to observe the more than 1500 species of fish of the waters along the coast. If you are looking for some more adventure then head to the Dryer Island just a few miles from the coast which has a rugged coastline and some marvelous features inland which can provide you an opportunity for climbing and hiking.

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