Paradise Along the Red Sea, Hurghada Egypt

The Red Sea Resorts of Egypt have risen to fame real quick in the last few years, and the tourist traffic has started to increase again after it dropped during the recent political turmoil in the country. Sharm el Sheikh used to be favored by the most tourists over any other destination till now, but the things are changing these days and the area around the Hurghada is becoming more and more prominent because of its luxurious resorts and gorgeous settings. Perhaps the most attractive aspect of Hurghada is the exotic marine life and reefs around its area, so if you are interested in a gasp inspiring snorkeling experience then Hurghada is the place to go.

Red Sea Resort Egypt

This is not that much an old city, established in the early 20th century, and it was not until 1980’s that it’s true potential as a sea shore resort was accepted by the world. But it has rapidly grown into the second largest Egyptian city along the red sea after the port city of Suez, mainly because of the tourism industry that brought a lot job and business opportunities in the area.

The main attraction of the place is its rugged landscape, soft sandy beaches that stretch for miles and the mild and dry temperature through out the year. Because of the increasing tourist traffic an airport was built in the area and you can find a cheap flight to Hurghada from many airports of Europe and America. But most tourist still prefer taking a cheap flight to Cairo and then making the rest of the journey by road which provides quite a lot of sight seeing opportunities, like a tour to the ancient site of Luxor, along the way.

The city’s shore line is dotted with resorts that range from the luxurious five stars to the ones catering to the tourists that are travelling on a budget. The best parts of the beach are usually reserved for the top resorts but you can always find your own little haven on this long sandy beach. The waters of Hurghada are clear and calm for the most parts of the year and provide an excellent setting for the scuba divers to observe the exotic marine life of the red sea up-close. But if you do not have the license to dive then you can always snorkel in the clear waters of the area and have a memorable experience. Most of the resorts around the city provide the equipment for both scuba diving and snorkeling on rent.

Hurghada Marriott Beach Hotel and Resort Egypt

If the sea and beach is not enough for you then you can hire a quad bike and head to the Saharan desert located just outside the city. This is an awesome experience especially for the families who are travelling together with the teens; this will surely bound them together. Many tour operators in the area offer a night tour of the desert which involves a cultural show; it will provide you a deep insight into the lifestyle of the local Bedouins. If you can afford it then a cruise to the nearby inhabited island of Giftun is a must, the place is a natural wonderland because of its coral gardens.

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