Memorable Game Viewing in Queen Elizabeth National Park, Uganda

Game Viewing was always the greatest attraction of Africa, its safari and national parks are still flocked by tourists from all over the world. The two countries that made a real name for themselves in the market of game viewing tourism were Kenya and Tanzania with their Masai Mara and Serengeti National Parks respectively. But then the Botswana came on the scene and got a quite big chunk of the tourism industry with the exotic wildlife of its national parks. Its not if the wildlife of Africa is confined to these three countries, there are plenty of national parks in almost all African countries and they can all provide some awesome animal watching experience.

Take the Queen Elizabeth National Park in Uganda for example it has every thing you will want in a good safari reserve, exotic wild life, scenic beauty and some great infrastructure. Located in the south western Uganda the park is considered as one of the best in East Africa and is home to more than 100 species of mammals while more than 600 species of Birds. The park is stretched on an area of 1,978 sq km and is easily reachable by road form the capital Entebbe. If you are flying from outside of Uganda then you can easily find a cheap flight to Entebbe from most of the major European and African airports. The cheapest options for getting to Entebbe will be Kenya Airways, Ethiopian Airways and KLM.

Regular transport service runs between Entebbe and the Queen Elizabeth National Park but most of the tourists prefer to hire their own car from the capital as the Ugandan transport service is still not that trustworthy and most of the busses will not move from a stop until all the seats are filled with the passengers. The roads of the country have improved quite a lot in the last few years and the journey to the park will be a smooth one. You will have to pay a small fee for entering the park for which there are two main entrances.

Queen Elizabeth National Park Uganda

As soon as you enter the park you will know why it is the most visited park in the East Africa. The wild life is abundant, the scenery is picture perfect and the volcano cones and the crater lakes makes up an awesome landscape. The main attractions of the park are its elephants, lions, leopards, antelopes and hippos, but there are no zebras and giraffe in the park.

Different species of animals are concentrated in different locations of the park, for example if you want to view the hippos then head to the Kazinga channel, the 40 km water way that connects Lake Edward to the Lake George and has the highest concentration of hippos in the world. The best way to explore the park will be to take a guided tour of the park in the presence of a seasoned guide or ranger who will know where the animals are mostly concentrated in the park. The wild life and natural beauty of the place makes it worth staying for a couple of days, most of the lodges other accommodation facilities are in the Mewya area at the heart of the park overlooking the Kazinga Channel.

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