The Two Millennia History on the Shores of Mediterranean, Alexandria

The land of Pharos has more history hidden in its cities and ruins than any other place in the world, and it’s not just the pyramids that we are talking about. In every part of the country you will find some historical gems that have a unique tale to tell to their visitors. Alexandria is one such place; built around 331 BC it has one of the world’s richest history attached to it. It was founded by Alexander the great as the new capital for Egypt and it became a center of knowledge and learning almost instantly. Today it is inhabited by more than 4.1 million people and spans on an area of 32 km that stretches along the Mediterranean. It’s the largest Egyptian port city and the largest city on the shores of Mediterranean Sea.

The historical monuments of the city and the laid back lifestyle of its residents attract thousands of visitors each year. Although it has its own airport but it mostly serves either the domestic flights or the flights from the Middle Eastern countries. The only European destinations served by Alexandria airport are Athens and Istanbul so if you are flying from Europe then the better option will be to take a cheap flight to Cairo and then take a connecting flight to Alexandria. The infrastructure of the city is quite and the accommodation facilities here are world class so you can easily find a hotel that suits your taste and budget.

Citadel of Qaitbay Alexandria Egypt

As said earlier the place is a treasure chest full of historical monuments, one of them is more famous with the tourist than the others, it’s the Citadel of Qaitbay. This citadel was built in 1480 as the coastal defense fort to protect the city from the raids of the crusaders. It was built at the site of the famous pharaoh lighthouse which was left to mere ruins by the time the construction of the fort began because of the earthquakes and other natural disasters that hit the city. There is a museum in the citadel that will provide you ample knowledge about the history of the citadel and about Alexandria in general.

The Alexandria National Museum is another famous site in the city with more than 1800 archaeological artifacts of which some dates back to the time when the cit was first built as a small settlement along Mediterranean. Other than the historical sites the city is also known for its magnificent beach, which like any other Mediterranean beach is white and sandy. You will find the beach flocked by the locals and tourists alike especially on the weekends. Corniche is a marvelous walkway built around the harbor area and is famous for its restaurants, cafes and historical sites.

Although Egypt is a Middle Eastern country but the populace and the government is quite liberal so you will find quite a lot of bars and casinos in the city. Technically only the foreigners are allowed to go to such places but you will find quite a few locals there as well. One famous casino is located in El-Salamlek Palace Hotel and is called Casino Austria of Egypt.

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