A Trip To The Harbour Of Peace

Dar es Salaam, previously called as Mzizima is the biggest city of Tanzania that is the most significant economical focal point of the country. It is located on an elephantine natural haven in the eastern shore of Indian Ocean (Africa) and is also the home of many serene sandy beaches. The region has a great historical importance and is regarded as a notable antiquated city; that’s why each year tourists take cheap flights to Dar es Salam to have an amazing experience of their lives.

During the 19th century, Dar es Salaam was known as the ‘Healthy town’ because it was very famous for fishing on the outermost part of the Indian Ocean. The new city was built by Sultan Majid bin Said in 1865 who named it as bander-as-salam ‘harbour of peace’ and the area earned its excellent reputation and flourishes well since establishment of the station by the German East Africa Company.

Now the city has categorized by three different regions: Temeke ( located in the southern edge and covers an area of about 786.5 square kilometres), Kinondoni ( located in the extreme northern area and is spreaded over an area of about 531 square kilometres) and Ilala ( commonly known as ‘ Downtown Dar’ and comprises an area of approximately 273 square kilometres).

There are a number of eye-catchy sites in this fascinating area such as the Village Museum, the National Museum and the Botanical Gardens all located in close proximity with each other. You will truly be astonished to visit the mesmerizing place Bagamoyo which is very well-known for the ancient preserved ruins of Kaole whose history date back to the 13th century. If moving towards the northern side you will reach the beaches of Msasani Peninsula where an agglomeration of tourists can be seen, relaxing and soothing their nerves along the turquoise and crystal-clear water side while on the southern side, there lies the popular area of Kigamboni always hustling and bustling with a crowd of visitors and local residents.

Bukoba Beach Tanzania

Dar es Salaam also offers you an alluring trip to Dar es Salaam Marine Reserve-a best-loved island providing you plenty of opportunities of diving, sunbathing, swimming, snorkelling and many other enticing water sports. In the close vicinity there lies the Bongoyo Island Marine Reserve, sheltering a number of coral and fish breeds and also one of the favourite tourists’ destination. The National Stadium of Dar es Salaam is worth-watching which act as the host of Young Africans Football Club and also for various International clubs.

You can also go for thrilling Safari Excursion around Ngorongoro Crater, Lake Manyara National Park and Serengeti National Park. Dar es Salaam also offers you some mouth-watering and delicious cuisines ranging from Tanzanian traditional food to the dainty menus of many other countries. Some of the best and luxurious restaurants are Best Bite, Addis in Dar and City Garden.

The climate of Tanzania is tropical and the best time to visit this magnificent region is from June to September when the skies are clear and weather is pleasant. So this time whenever you plan your holiday-trip, don’t forget to add Dar es Salaam on the top of your list.

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