Historical Sites in Algeria

While the tourism industry of Morocco have seen a boom in the last two decades, its larger neighbor Algeria has been mostly ignored by the tourists because of the security situation of the country. Once the tourism industry of Algeria was at par with its neighbor but the ravaging civil war has left the tourist confidence shaken in this country. But things have improved quite a lot in the last 5 years and most of the tourist attractions of Algeria are seeing an increase in the tourist traffic. And if you have ever been to Algeria then you already know that what this country can offer to its visitor. With a perfect blend of conservative and modern approach to life the Algerians are quite different in their outlook than their Arab neighbors. The colonial architecture here is in pretty good shape and outside the large cities the Algerians have still kept their tribal culture alive.

It’s not just the natural beauty of its Saharan desert or the unique culture of its people that makes it such a great travel destination but it also has some marvelous historical sites that are truly worth watching. Djemila is one of them, a UNESCO world heritage site, it is one of the must see places in the country and perhaps in whole of northern Africa. It is all that is left of the once great Roman town of Cuicila that served as one of the largest Mediterranean ports of the ancient times. Djemila is perhaps the best place in the continent to observe the blend of Roman aesthetic and African beauty. If you are flying from outside of the country then the best option will be to take a cheap flight to Algiers and make the rest of the journey by a car which you can hire from the city through your hotel.

Djemila Algeria

Another famous site is the roman city of Timgad or what is left of it, built in 100 AD by the emperor Trajan as a colony for the soldiers of his army. Located on a green hill it is an evidence of just how well the Romans use to plan their cities and towns and one can also imagine how magnificent the city would have been at its time if you consider the lush African surroundings of the place. The site is part of the national heritage and more information about the history of the place can be gathered from the museum close to entrance of the site.

The premier historical site in Algeria is city of Tlemcen, strategically located on the shores of Mediterranean it has some of the best pieces of Moorish architecture. But the city also has an ancient history attached to it that pre date the Moorish era by hundreds of years. It was built by the Romans as a strategic fortification to guard their North African colonies and its ruins have a striking resemblance to that of Timgad and so are believed to be built in the same era.

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