What Tourists Should Not Miss To Explore In Accra

Those who have already been to Ghana, one of the most beautiful and cherished countries in West Africa, know how big an attraction Accra is for the entire country, its locals and for tourists who book cheap flights to Ghana. Upon visiting Ghana, you’re quite likely to realize the immense importance of its precious capital, Accra, for this is the place where some of the most amazing and prized tourist attractions lie.

Accra is a place for every one indeed, for you’ll find everything that you may consider as being entertaining; Accra is a city of unique cultural, historical, adventurous and contemporary appeals. Let’s have a look at some of the places and things to do in Accra that simply cannot be missed should you book cheap flights to Accra.

National Art Centre & the National Museum:

Accra is a place inhabited by one of the most amiable people. People here are generally very friendly and if you’re a tourist you would realize their character of generosity and hospitality in no time. Coming back to exploring the places and attractions of the city, the best places to start with are undoubtedly the majestic National Art Centre and The National Museum of Accra. Not only are these buildings an exceptional display of art and aesthetics but they mime the history and culture of this historic city.

The National Museum of Accra

The National Museum of Accra houses the most ancient treasures of its past civilizations and cultures. One the other hand, the National Art centre not only displays epic pieces of paintings, portraits and precious souvenirs but most of them are also auctioned. A number of other art pieces displayed there are placed for sale and you can easily buy them. Most of these items would appear quite intriguing to you due to their epic characters. For instance you would see things such as fertility dolls, brass figurines, uniquely designed carvings and kente cloth.

Fantasy coffins of Papa Joe and Papa Willie:

It is quite interesting to note that in Ghana as a whole and in Accra in particular, Death ceremonies are considered as very special events where by people celebrate life and bid farewell to the deceased. Try visiting one of the carpentry shops located a few minutes away from Accra in the area of Nungua and you are bound to discover some surprising firsthand facts about the ancient Ghana traditions and cultures that are still being followed today. In Ghana it’s a tradition to bury the dead in a coffin shaped such that it reflects the deceased past doings in life. These coffins come in interesting shapes ranging from those of birds, weapons, vegetables, animals and more. Viewing these coffins and knowing the history of these traditions is surely an interesting thing to do on your trip top Accra.

Osu Castle Ghana

Osu Castle:

Once a hub for trading precious metals and pricey gems, the place that we today know as the Osu Castle was later used for storing Slave before they were shipped. And the journey of switching identity did not stop here. A few years after its creation by Danes in the 17th century the castle became the headquarters for the Danish Gold Coast and later the house of President.

It’s truly admiring to see such an old and controversial building standing with absolute glory even today. A certain part of the castle is open to the visitors where can explore the early royal standards of living in the Ghanaian region.Other famous attractions in Accra that deserve to be paid a visit include the Labadi beach,the most famous beach in Accra, Kwame Nkrumah Memorial Park and the remarkably famous Independence Square.

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