The Magnificent Maputo, City Of Acacias

Maputo which is also called as Lourenço Marques, is the largest and the capital city of Mozambique which is situated in the western region of Maputo Bay in close vicinity of Estuario do Espirito Santo which act as a drainage for Infulene , Matola, Umbeluzi and Tembe rivers. The city stands significant as a great trading port of hardwood , copra, sisal, chromites, sugar, cotton and coal and also known to be the important manufacturer of rubber, shoes, furniture, pottery and cement. A large number of people are attracted towards its grandeur and elegance and annually take a trip to the beautiful Maputo city by taking cheap flights to Maputo.

The city is stretched on the bay which has the length of about 95 kilometres and the width of approximately 30 kilometres. The overall area that Maputo covers is about 346 square kilometres encircling the Matola city in the north-eastern side, the Marracuene districts towards the northern side, Matutuíne  which is located in the southern side and Boane which comprises the eastern part of the city. It is also easily approachable from the border of South Africa; just on a distance of about 120 kilometres and also touches the border of Swaziland which is almost 80 kilometres away.

The city serve as the home of a number of notable and worth seeing landmarks such as Fortress of Maputo( an antiquated building having a great resemblance with Portuguese forts, which is very famous for displaying some of the ancient relics of military as well s the colonial past), The National Museum of Art( that is located in the avenue of Ho Chi Minh, has a wide variety of sculptures and paintings made by some famous Mozambican artists possessing the art work of Mucavele, Chissano , Naguib and Malangatana), The Statue of Samora Machel( which is situated at Tunduru Garden’s entrance and is the statue of the first president of Mozambique and is a bronze moulded structure that was uplifted after his sudden death).

C.F.M. Railway Station Maputo

You will also be mesmerized to view the eye-catchy Cathedral (known for its unusual and unique design and was constructed in 1994 having the cross-shape easily visible from air). Just a street away from Cathedral, there lies the Franco-Mozambican Cultural Centre which is worth-visiting as it organizes various traditional events. Besides, a library with a variety of books and a luxurious bar is also located here. If you want tranquillity and relaxation just head towards the mesmerizing The Tunduru Gardens (which is an extremely pleasant resort and helps a lot in soothing nerves during the burning summer time.

The park act as the haven of shade encircled by tall green trees and was established by a renowned English gardener Thomas Honney in 1885. The park also assists in providing botanical information with a number of trees and plants tagged about their specie and origin). Apart from it there is a lot more to observe at Maputo like Centre for Brazilian Studies, the Central Market, the Iron House, the Money Museum, C.F.M. Railway Station, Statue of Eduardo Mondlane and the Museum of the Revolution so you must plan a visit to this splendid city once in your life time.

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