A Safari Tour to Discovering Zambia

What more could be said about Zambia than describing it as a place of sheer grandeur? It’s the land of astounding wonders; the angelic Victoria Falls, the biggest and most heart pounding Safari ventures, the bold and wild Zambezi River, breathtaking lakes and sparkling golden beaches, an abundance of the most unique wild life habitat packed in raw wilderness and an amiable social environment this is the land of Zambia.

It is very easy to realize the importance of Zambia as a splendid tourist destination and a life line for African Tourism. Likewise, there remains no doubt as to what a spectacular choice Zambia could be when it comes to booking cheap flights for a holiday trip. Zambia has been in the past and still is one of the hot favorite African cities.

Upon booking cheap flights to Zambia, you would realize this city as having its own unique style in more or less everything; whether it’s the wine and dine or the way of celebrating jubilance or any of its tourist attraction for that matter, Zambia has a striking ting of its own style delivered in everything. However, there is one area that is seen eclipsed by such phenomenon completely; the Safari Tours of Zambia.

Zambia offers an array of Safari tours which are nearly impossible to be undermined by another attraction in the city. Whether you’re a mellow nature admirer or a tough adventurist, Zambia’s safari tours are likely to be a heart winner for everyone. Let’s have a look at some of the Safari options offered by this city of opulence.

Walking Safaris:

In Zambia, walking safaris do not mean day long exertions in search if at least one handful glance at the wildlife marvels of nature. In fact, it’s a whole exciting experience of watching these creatures operating in their daily lives. Imagine setting off for a journey in to the thick wilderness making your way deep into the bushes while you come across a number of signs of wild being somewhere just near. Just a few minutes after you suspect sounds of crumbling leaves grinding under huge paws, you stand still to see a herd of lions roaring and you freeze in so as to not let the wind take smell of human flesh to these deadly creatures. There are a number of walking Safari options in Zambia and these remain one of the most enthralling experiences in this land of natural charisma.

Birding Safaris:

Where it is known for lapping the magical Victoria Falls, Zambia is also famous for its highest bird species concentration. Further, the city is also home to the most fascinating birds in terms of their physical features. You’d find birds of rare species and with exceptional blends of colors stroked on their feathers. One of the best experiences of Bird watching is on one of the exciting Zambezi River’s Canoeing Safaris. Lochinvar National Park is the most famous place for Bird watching and safari experiences in Zambia. This small yet exceptionally beautiful park boasts around 428 known species of birds flying freely. Your actually likely to see a different bird after every while.

Elephant back Safari Zambia

Elephant Back Safaris:

You might not be able to see the world through an elephant’s lens but with these elephant back safaris you surely can have a view of the land below from as high as an elephant itself! These tours would cruise you along thick bushes and dense forests on the biggest animals of Jungle. Guided elephant back tours in Zambia are carried out both in the morning and the afternoon.

Photographic Safaris:

for those who have a passion for nature photography, there might not be a better place than Zambia to let their fantasies materialize. The rich variety of wildlife creatures boasted by this city remains unbeatable by all standards. Plus almost all the safari tours offered in Zambia allow for that perfect photographic pose. You can take countless pictures either on a walking safari or on mobile tours. Moreover, the natural low-lighting conditions and the perfect surroundings make the best opportunity for letting out the photographer in you. Other major safari tours include the mobile safaris, horseback safaris, canoeing Safaris and more.

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