Arik Air Special Airfares to Abuja

Arik Air Nigeria’s most preferred carrier operating domestic, regional and international flights network. The airline was created with a very clear vision, to deliver a world class services to every passenger and put forward most economical fares in market.

Arik Air has the honor for being first carrier which offers 2 pieces of 30 kgs to Nigeria so you can take a lot of luggage. Airline operates combination of Boeings B777, B787 and Airbus A340; all fitted out with in the most luxurious style and elegant business class cabin and maintain world class standards.

Millennium Park Abuja

Book cheap flights to Abuja with basic price of £179 exclusive of taxes, whereas Arik Air gives you opportunity to travel with passion in its business class and fare will be £499 exclusive of taxes. Where super flat beds equipped with 17 inch monitor and new generation massage system is installed for every individual, flexibility and unmatched comfort guaranteed.

These fares are valid for departures from 22nd Aug – 10th Dec 2011, although you may book these flights from now onwards up to 31st Aug 2011. As these fares are furnished for promotion purposes and restricted for stay of 1 month.

Book this offer now no other carrier can beat these prices.

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