The Mesmerizing Madagascar, A Place Of Mystery And Magic

Madagascar is truly a magical place of contrasts, of surreal grandeur and enchanting beauty, of gleaming forest accommodations and seaside lodges, of carnivorous vegetation and jumping lemurs and of holy Malagasy traditions and French impact. The place is becoming extremely popular day by day and tourists are always ready to take cheap flights to Antananarivo to reach this sparkling destination which is undoubtedly the haven of tranquillity and relaxation.

Madagascar is situated away from the south-eastern shore of Africa in Indian Ocean and covers the land area of about 587,000 square kilometres. It is declared to be the fourth-largest island of the world and is very well known for providing habitat to thousands of flora and fauna amongst which approximately 80 percent are endemic and are rare to other parts of the world. This fact has forced many ecologists to declare Madagascar as the eighth continent of the world. It houses almost 10,000 plant breeds, 99 distinctive species of lemur and approximately 280 breeds of birds. Besides, some rare insects are also found in this region like the smallest bee of the bird and around 80 breeds of stick insects and 100 breeds of cockroaches.

If you move towards the southern region of Madagascar you will surely be captivated by the spectacular and the unique landscapes, always displaying the unfettered nature. There lies the alluring Parc National de l’Isalo which covers an area of about 80,000 hectares and is the home of crystal-clear water rivers draining through the lush green and picturesque valleys and also the cascading waterfalls which are enough to cast a spell on you. The fresh leafy succulents, vacillating vines and the bright baobabs offer shelter to the kaleidoscope of long bodied lizards, agglomeration of birdlife and a large number of lemurs. On the sea shore you will find the Toliara (Tuléar) port with abundant of jacaranda and bougainvillea, boulevards encircled with tall green trees and the blend of Arab and French culture. The seaside resort offers you some of the world-class activities like scuba diving and snorkelling and also provides you the best sandy beaches bordered with the azure and turquoise water.

Mantadia National Park Madagascar

As compared to any other part it is undoubtedly worth travelling towards the eastern part of Madagascar. You will love to visit the dazzling rainforest which are the oasis for colourful birds and jumping lemurs dwelling in Mantadia National Park. The largest lemurs of Madagascar are found in the region of Indri-Indris located inside the park. The famous Pangalese Canal is also situated here that is stretched over an area of about 600 kilometres between Brickaville and Tamatave and serve as the linkage system between all the lakes. The eastern side of Madagascar is very well-known for watching the whales during the right time of the year. Don’t miss the chance of staying at the lost luxurious lodges of Sainte Marie Island or in the nature-inspired accommodations of the forests.

The magical Madagascar contains a lot more than these attractions and you will only be able to discover all only when you will head towards this magnificent place. The best time of the year to visit Madagascar is from October to November so get ready and pack up your belongings and cameras for having one of the most fascinating and enticing trip of your life.

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