The Lively Lusaka City, Zambia

Lusaka is the largest and the capital city of Zambia which is situated in the southern region of the main plateau with the height of about 4,265 feet. The city serves as the home of more than 1.7 million people and act as the focal point for various governmental and commercial activities. With the passage of time Lusaka has gained much popularity and a large number of tourists take cheap flights to Lusaka to have the best time in the haven of alluring and enticing spots.

Lusaka was made the capital of the independent state of Zambia in 1964 and is now highly regarded as an urban settlement amongst the visitors and the natives. The city also offers to a large community of foreigners who are the employees of diplomats, aid industry, religious organizations and many other firms. The metropolis is located over the land area of about 70 kilometres and is grabbing the attention of thousands of people as many shopping chains and new architectural buildings are springing up, all around the city. Lusaka is truly a sprawling place of bustling shanty districts, high-walled environs and some multi-floored buildings. These developments have forced the people, belonging to distinctive cultures to dwell in a single destination and have made it the heart of economy, culture and politics.

Manda Hill Zambia

The city is gleaming with a number of points of interests like the Cathedral of the Holy Cross, the Lusaka Playhouse, the Moore Pottery Factory, the Agricultural Society Show grounds, the Zambian National Assembly, the Freedom Statue, the Zintu Community Museum, the Political Museum and Lusaka National Museum. Besides you the most relaxing and tranquillity-providing tome at the Botanical Gardens- is a well protected area that serve as the home of abundance of plant life which provides plenty of information to the visiting people as all of them are tagged about their origin and specie. There is an agglomeration of various exotic plants, alpine plants , tropical plants, shade houses, greenhouses, herb gardens, succulent plants and cacti.

For some fantastic shopping experience just move towards the Great Eastern Road which is very famous for the two biggest shopping malls of Zambia: Manda hill shopping mall and Arcades shopping mall which own a number of international stores like Woolworths, GameĀ  and Shoprite and also the first ever KFC of the country and a movie theatre. If you are looking for some entertainment and sports the city has the Lusaka Central Sports Club, a zoo, the Munda Wanga Environmental Park and a golf club.

In the west of the road Cairo, there lies the sparkling Kamwala Market, New City Market and Zintu Community Museum. Some renowned architectural buildings adjacent to Cairo road are Investrust Bank, Stanbic Bank Zambia Headquarters, Barclays Bank Zambia Head Office, Zambia National Commercial Bank, Old Zambia Lotto Head Office, Zambia National Building Society Headquarters, Indeco House , Central Bank Building and Findeco House. Apart from such amazing temptations there is a lot more in this magnificent city that you will discover once you plan an excursion for the splendid Lusaka.

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