Seat of the Kenyan Gods, Mount Kenya

Africa has many things but if you are looking for high peaks then it does not have much to offer. This is how we feel about the continent but it is not necessarily true. Yes it does not have the peaks with the height to rival with the ones in Himalayas but the peaks like Mount Kilimanjaro offer quite an adventure with their hiking and climbing experiences. Another of the worth visiting mountain of Africa is the Mount Kenya which is also a part of the UNESCO world heritage and because of its bio diversity and the exotic wild life it is also a part of UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. The highest peak of the Mount Kenya is 5,199 meters in height and thus makes it the second highest mountain of the continent after the Mt. Kilimanjaro in Tanzania.

The government of Kenya has given the status of a national park to the forest that surrounds the peak and is fast becoming a favorite tourist destination. The reason for proclaiming the area a national park other than increasing the tourism in the region is that the slopes of the Mount Kenya are the source for the fresh water for the most parts of the Kenya and the authorities want to preserve them. As for getting there you can get a cheap flight to Nairobi from almost all the major airports of the world and then make the rest of the journey by road. The view of the peaks from the ground truly looks majestic, provided they are not covered in the mist and you will start to understand why the local Kikuyu tribesman think the Mountain to be the throne of their mightiest god nagai.

Mount Kenya National Park Kenya

Once there you have quite a few choices about what to do, if you are a professional mountaineer or have enough technical skills of mountaineering then you can climb the 5,199 meters high Batian peak or the 5,188 meters high neleon peak. If you are not confident about your mountaineering skills then head to the smaller peaks or hike the different parts of the mountain. The lower part of the mountain is covered with the lush forest that is full of exotic wildlife like the elephants and it will be quite an experience to explore this wilderness. The southern part of the forest meets the small towns of central Kenya and the authorities have erected electric fence to stop the elephants from entering the farmer’s land and in turn protecting the elephants from any harm.

Another attraction of the park is the culture of the local tribesmen of the Masaai and Emeru tribes. Like the Kikuyu they also have some mythological connection with the mountain and a visit to one of their many villages around the park can provide you a deep insight into their mythology as well their culture in general. There are only a few hotels and lodges in the area that caters to the tourist but the prices can be a little higher than what you expect to pay for the quality of the service they provide. Another option will be to camp out in the wild which can be an awesome experience considering the lush surroundings of the mountain.

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