The Elegant And Classic Accommodations Of Garden Route

Providing you everything from elephants and whales to the pink Loeries and fynbos, there are many other bewitching and eye-catchy sites at Garden Route (South Africa). You can take cheap flights to Cape Town and then going towards the picturesque Port Elizabeth, there is an extremely scenic and worth-watching area called as Garden Route which is undoubtedly and ideal destination and serve as an oasis of pristine sandy beaches, fabulous sea sides and lush green rainforests like Tsitsikamma. The place offers you one of the most amazing and enticing road-trip experience as it is surrounded by many magical and alluring natural sceneries and when you are at such an astonishing and jaw dropping place, than why not stay at the accommodation that will leave you in awe and will definitely cast a spell on your nerves.

Grootbos Garden Lodge South Africa

Grootbos Garden Lodge– This is a magnificent 5-star lodge that is nestled in indigenous ambiance and is the perfect gateway for the whole family. Built with fine timber, thatch and stones, the lodge is an extra ordinary modernized accommodation with a strong African charisma. There are a number of telescopes that offer a bird’s eye view of the surrounding stunning landscapes and also a gigantic library with a wide agglomeration of books that provides leisure and much information about nature.

All the suites have a private lounge, sophisticated bed rooms with en-suite bathrooms and the spacious lounge that is adorned with a free-standing fire place offers you the most romantic and cozy evenings. You will definitely cherish your stay at this splendid and stylish lodge.

Birkenhead House Garden Route South Africa

Birkenhead House– Birkenhead House is an amazing beach house which has the decor of 5-star luxurious hotel in an unpretentious and laid-back ambiance. The aura is completely dramatic and spectacular-imagine the Great Gatsby meets the Shutter Island and an endless pool whose strong currents boom in the bottom lying rocks. The blogging artistic work, beautifully engraved furniture, the wardrobes sophistically made of sea-shells and the curvaceous desk of Russian Teak- every single item is a marvel.

The house also has some antiquated importance as it is named after HMS Birkenhead which was the biggest Navy ship whose history date back to 1852. It was damaged by a steep rocky mass in water that killed also killed its 450 passengers. In its close vicinity lies the Hemel en Aarde Valley, which is known for the most magnificent vine yards and heart-stirring vistas of encircling landscapes.

Sanbona Dwyka Lodge South Africa

Sanbona Dwyka Lodge– This tented lodge is encircled by a mesmerizing rock-formation in Karoo ravine of Sanbona Wildlife Reserve. The secluded and tranquillity offering tents portray an ambiance of thrilling excursion. It is located on a drive of three hours from Cape Town and covers the land area of about 54,000 hectares that comprises lush green fields and mountains, indigenous rock art and formations and abundance variety of unique flora and fauna. There are total 9 tents with private decks and pools that dominate the anhydrous river bed. So don’t miss the chance of staying at Sabona once you travel towards Garden route.

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