The Wondeful And Deluxe Lodges Of Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe is truly a jewel in the crown of Africa, where the natural landscapes are extremely bewitching and heart-stirring. Ranging from the lush green rainforest to the mesmerizing ‘smoke that thunders’, there is a wide agglomeration of many other allurements that tempt the tourist to take cheap flights to Harare to visit the breath taking and mind blowing fascinations of the region. Plan of canoeing the Zambezi River, visit of Lake Kariba and its houseboat, the magical view of roaring Victoria Falls and the astonishing experience of safari at Hwange National Park are all those interesting and enticing activities that will undoubtedly leave you in awe. When you are at such an astounding destination, just don’t miss the chance of staying at the best-loved lodges of Zimbabwe.

Matetsi Lodge Zimbabwe

Matesti Lodge– Matesti lodge is located almost 40 kilometres away from the thundering and amazing Victoria Falls. It covers an area of about 45,000 hectares in the secluded and unspoilt African wilderness. The lodge is very well-known for the sweeping vistas and elegant accommodations and also for the romantic camps that are East Water, North Water and West Water.

All the camps have private suites, which are fitted with gigantic doors of teak and also decks and pools. The thatched and wide open guest area comprises a sophisticated sitting and dining area along with a huge fire place. The lodge provides an idyllic settlement surrounded with many charming views of unfettered nature and also provides many chances of game driving in 4*4 wheel vehicles.

Victoria Falls Safari Lodge Zimbabwe

Victoria Falls Safari Lodge– This magnificent lodge has the most perfect location, as it is situated very close to the Zambezi National Park and just 4 kilometres away from the marvellous Victoria Falls. On the western side the lodge overlooks a water hole which serves as the host of an excellent game of wild life and also some of the most stunning vistas of sun set and sun rise. The lodge is beautifully perched on the stilts, elevated among the lush green trees and comprises an elegant collection of furniture in its 72 bed rooms.

The place highly boasts of its extra ordinary hospitality and eco-friendly style and is ideally positioned as the focal point of encircling African excursions, experiences and its appealing activities. It provides two option for dinning one is Makuwa Kuwa restaurant, which offers extreme tranquillity and relaxed ambiance with a la carete menu of mouth-watering dishes and the other one is The Boma (Place of Eating), which is surrounded by a Gusu Forest which is just on a distance of 500 metres from the main lodge. It is truly an exclusive experience that provides you the unique and magical aura with a variety of dainty and delicious international cuisines and cultural dances.

Ruckomechi Camp Zimbabwe

Ruckomechi Camp– This beautiful camp is nestled among the mahogany trees and also the cluster of acacia trees. It attracts a number of wild lives because of its ideal location by the Zambezi river side and its lush green vegetation, wide-stretched flood plains and mesmerizing landscapes of Zambia Mountains. The guests flock here because of its gleaming and luxurious dining area, bar, infinity pool and the main lodge. All the central parts of the camp are connected to the tents with the help of many walkways adorned with wood carvings.

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