A Trip To Heaven, Sierra Leone

From the jaw dropping landscapes of lush green tropical rainforests to the paradise of various waterfalls, magnificent hills, mysterious water lakes and the eye catchy unspoilt and secluded water beaches on the Atlantic Ocean shore; Sierra Leone serves as the home of rich cultural and traditional heritage which is a true blend of modernization with antiquated aura, in an elegant and sophisticated manner. The place has its own unique and unparalleled magical charisma; you will not feel in any other part of the World. Due to its immense beauty and bewitchment, the place is visited by thousands of tourists annually who take cheap flights to Freetown and regard it as the best-loved spot for holiday-break.

It comprises an area of about 71,740 square kilometres and possesses a number of appealing temptations for everyone; you can select those alluring areas that match your taste. Free Town which is the great metropolis of Sierra Leone offers some of the most mesmerizing and picturesque beaches of the world which are truly the sight to behold. The lush green backdrop of encircling mountains, the crystal clear and azure water and the pristine white sandy areas totally presents the fascinating ambiance.

Outamba Kilimi National Park Sierra Leone

There are a number of activities that can be carried out at these serene beaches such as fishing, swimming, snorkelling, diving, water skiing and much more or you can just sit by the turquoise water sides if you are looking for some tranquillity and relaxation. For the surfers, Sulima beach is an ideal place and the 100 kilometres unspoilt stretch of Turners Peninsula beach is also truly breath taking and mind blowing.

If you are in search of some natural environment than you must hit the Turtle Islands which is a small archipelago of mini islets which is located in the north western part. It comprises various distinctive fishing communities, enabling you to have the most unique and amazing experience of fishing along the coast line of Sierra Leone. This island is accessible with the help of boats that sail from Free Town and reach here within hours. In the north western region of Free Town another worth-visiting attraction is located which is known as Banana Islands and is considered to be the perfect destination for snorkelling and fishing.

Sierra Leone also owns some Wild Life sanctuaries amongst which the Outamba Kilimi National Park and Sierra Leoneto-Tiwai Island Wildlife Sanctuary are the most famous and frequently-visited ones. Tiwai Island Wildlife Sanctuary provides shelter to almost 135 distinctive animal breeds that also comprise of 8 different species of hornbills. You will love to explore the sanctuary either by forest walk or by a boat drive.

The biggest and the most striking attraction here is the pygmy hippopotamus. Besides the Outamba Kilimi National Park features a very rich and diverse eco system that offers some of the most inspiring and adorable vistas of unfettered nature. Apart from these few allurements, Sierra Leone has a lot many hidden surprises that will be unveiled once you plan an excursion in this wizardly destination.

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