The Jewel of Zambia, Kariba Lake

Zambia with its gorgeous Zambezi river and the exotic wild life of its national parks have always mesmerized its visitor but with all this many of them tend to miss out on one of the most stunning tourism attraction of the country, the Kariba Lake. The world’s largest artificial lake is home to some of the Africa’s most magnificent marine life and its surrounding area is a haven for the exotic birds of Zambia. If you couple all this with the picturesque scenery, good quality resorts, awesome water sports and excellent boating and fishing experiences you get your self a vacation spot that you will surely not want to miss.

The weather in the region is mostly sunny and fine but it can get a little hotter in the summer. The best time to visit Kariba is in the winters when the weather is mild and still a little warm and many of the migrating birds pass through the region providing a memorable bird watching experience. The sheer size of the lake is mind boggling; with a length of 226 km and a maximum width of 40 km it gives more of an impression of a sea than the lake. This man made wonder was built as art of one of the Africa’s largest dams that provides the bulk of the energy to the Zambia and Zimbabwe. For getting to the lake you will first have to take a cheap flight to Lusaka the capital of Zambia and then make the rest of the journey by road for which you can either hire a car from the city or travel on the busses which are a little old to say the least. The lodging facilities on the banks of lake are quite extensive ranging from some luxurious resorts to self catering campsites for the backpackers.

Kariba Lake Zambia

Kariba Lake Zambia

One unique experience of Lake Kariba can be sending a night on the house boats that make journeys between different banks of the lake. The view of the rising sun from the lake waters can be memorable one and this experience will stay in your memory for a very long time. Another favorite activity of the tourists arriving in the area is sport fishing for which the equipment and boats to take you to the deep waters of the lake are available with most of the resorts of the area. The lake is also rich with marine life and there is no better way of exploring it than snorkeling in its clear waters. If you can get a boat for a complete day then the lake can offer all kind of water sports and you can venture into any part of this vast water body.

The vastness of the lake can make you forget about the fact that it is part of an electric dam, but if you are in the area the dam wall is worth watching too if for no other reason than for its sheer size which matches that of the lake itself.

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