A Trip to The Stunning Sudan

Sudan is a great historical and antiquated country of North Africa that shares its 853 kilometres long shore line with Red Sea and covers an area of about 1,886,068 square kilometres that make it the third largest country of Africa and 16th largest of the world. It forms a flat terrain that is separated by various mountain ranges with Marrah Mountains, being the highest summit of Sudan. A number of people love to head towards Sudan because of its various attractions and fascinations and they take cheap flights to Khartoum, to be-dazzled by the most astonishing and charming spots of Sudan.

Meroe is one of the most alluring and appealing site of Sudan that is also declared as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO and is located on a distance of about 230 kilometres in the northern region of Khartoum. It is mentioned in the Periplus of the Erythraean Sea that ‘On the right-hand coast next below Berenice is the country of the Berbers. Along the shore are the Fish-Eaters, living in scattered caves in the narrow valleys. Farther inland are the Berbers, and beyond them the Wild-flesh-Eaters and Calf-Eaters, each tribe governed by its chief; and behind them, farther inland, in the country towards the west, there lies a city called Meroe’.

The settlement of Royal Necropolis of Meroe is undoubtedly bewitching and breathtaking- featuring yellow sand dunes, burial sites of passed away kings and approximately 20 sophisticated and distinctive pyramids. These are perched over small cliffs with a back drop of sweeping orange dunes and are preserved in their original forms because the area is untouched and un spoilt. Moving towards the western side you can view the wonderful ruins of Royal City of Meroe whose history dates back to 592 BC.

Meroe Pyramids Sudan

Another notable and significant site of Sudan is Jebel Barkal which is considered to be a very holy and sacred mountain since XVIII Dynasty. It is one of the most momentous landmarks of Nubian Desert which is elevated at the height of about 100 metres and is visible from many kilometres away. Near the foothill there lies the gigantic Temple of Amun which is dedicated patron and the Pharaohs. Amun’s historical ‘Pure Mountain’, served as the religious heart of the Nubians for centuries. The place is occupied with abundant of granite rams sculptures and a large room is beautified with various bas-reliefs.

Moving towards the eastern side of Nile, you will hit the main archaeological site of Sudan which is Naga that is located some 130 kilometres away in the northern part of Khartoum. Its main features are the sands and rocks of Saharan environment and it also houses the famous Apedemak Temple whose history dates back to the 1st century. In its close vicinity there lies a unique and odd settlement that is made up of columns and arches and is known with the name of kiosk and it is elegantly ornamented in Greek, Roman and Egyptian styles. Apart from these few tempting sites, Sudan has a lot more that you will observe only when you plan an excursion here so pack up your belongings and cameras and just head towards this best-loved destination.

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