Experience The Most Amazing Time at Zambia

Zambia is the magical land of the mesmerizing Victoria Falls, the legendary African Safari, the furious Zambezi River, plenty of wildlife, breathtaking landscapes, jaw dropping lakes and pulsating, raw wilderness- a mind blowing place of unfettered nature. Besides, housing one of the seven natural wonders of the world, it owns many other charms and fascinations, enough to make your holidays the unforgettable and the most entertaining one.

As it has been declared as one of the safest country for tourism purposes, thousands of people take flights to Lusaka to explore the vastness and magnificence of such a friendly and pleasant destination, whose people are the true representatives of harmony and peace. The 17 spectacular waterfalls apart from the roaring Victoria Falls ‘The Smoke that thunders’, the adrenaline pumping waterways, the finest experiences of Safaris and a wide agglomeration of thrilling and adventurous activities like canoeing, abseiling, bungi jumping and the excellent game views add to the uniqueness and bewitchment of the area.

Chimp Sanctuary Zambia

The place is highly famous for its best-loved spot of Victoria Falls which are commonly known as ‘the greatest known curtain of falling water’. But the land also serves as the home of many other allurements such as the picturesque lake Kariba which is an un spoilt and secluded Riviera and provides the most stunning vistas of spectacular sunsets, boating and fishing opportunities, a wonderful space for tranquility and relaxation and various water sports to tempt the adventurous and fun-loving tourists. It is the biggest artificial dam of Africa that has the length of about 226 kilometres and width of almost 40 kilometres. The place serves a great support for supplying and power and energy and also acts as the focal point for fishing trade. It is also bordered with a number of luxurious and glistening lodges for the comfort of its beloved guests.

Another attraction of Zambia is the Chimp Sanctuary that is located about 60 kilometres away in the western part of Chingola and it provides shelter to Chimpanzees and many other animals. There are almost 50 chimpnzees that dwell here in walled and electric fencing. You will love to see their many astonishing and amazing activities that will keep you busy throughout the day. Don’t miss the chance of hitting the Lake Bangweulu which has no limits and it looks as if the lake is touching the sky. It contains a large variety of distinctive breeds of fish and the main catches are yellow belly, tiger fish and bream. There is a record that almost 57,000 metric tons of fish are being caught here annually. Another must-see lake of the country is Mweru that is located in the north-western part and is highly known for its immense beauty and charismatic ambiance. It was once occupied with a variety of wild life but now it only serves as a popular tourist spot and living area of many locals.

Apart from these few temptations, the place has many other lakes, monuments, museums, memorials and art galleries that should be included in your list of worth-visiting areas, once you plan an excursion here, so get ready and head towards the beautiful region of Zambia.

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