Memorable Vacation Along the Kenyan Coast

Finding an adventurous or a sight seeing vacation in Africa is easy, you can make a stop in one of the many African tourism hotspots and you will find your desired destination. But it’s not that easy to find a romantic tourist spot in Africa as it is so full of adventure and scenic beauty that it seems an unsuitable candidate for a premier romantic vacation destination. There is an exception thou, the eastern part of the continent can offer you a romantic experience that’s unmatched anywhere in the world.

Especially making the journey between the gorgeous and historical port cities of Mombasa and Zanzibar along the Kenyan Coast can be an unforgettable experience which can be even enhanced by making this journey on a traditional spice boat. Both of these cities have a rich history and a culture that is fusion of the Swahili, Arab, Indian and European influences.

Lamu Town Kenya

Most of the tourists try to start their journey from Mombasa as it is a lot more accessible than the Zanzibar. You can get a cheap flight to Mombasa from many of the major European airports and Kenya Airways and Ethiopian Airways has the highest frequency of flights to the city. The fusion of different cultures is evident from the architecture and locals of Mombasa. There is a North African mosque right close to the harbor area while a Portuguese church on the hill overlooking the town. Most of the town is made up of traditional Swahili mud houses while the town’s markets and shops are mostly owned by Guajarati merchants. Mombasa remained the center of the lucrative spice trade for more than two centuries and even today you can smell the scent of spices in the markets of the town.

You can hire a spice boat from the harbor area to take you to the historical Zanzibar. It is recommended that you start your journey in the after noon and spend the night on the boat’s deck. The sunset in the Indian Ocean is one of the most stunning sights that you will ever see. It will take you a couple of days to complete the journey so it’s a good idea to make a stop on the tropical paradise of Lamu Island. Other than the scenic beauty of this gorgeous island the real attraction is the town of Lamu which is a perfect example of a traditional Swahili town with mud houses and the locals wearing the traditional dresses. The spice trade is still vibrant in the town and it will be a good idea to pay a visit to the Lamu’s Market.

Lamu Island Kenya

Your journey will end at the stone city of Zanzibar with the prettiest architecture of eastern Africa. The main town is divided into two quarters; the old stone town is in the center while it is surrounded by the newly built traditional Swahili mud houses. The old stone town is part of the UNESCO’s world heritage sites and a tour to this masterpiece of the Portuguese architecture is a must during your stay in the city.

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