Africa’s Phuket, Kribi


Kribi Beach Cameroon

Most of the African tourist destinations are either famous for their scenic beauty or their exotic wildlife. Safaris have always been the main draw card that attracted the tourists from around the world to Africa and they are continuing to do so. The cites like Cape Town and Johannesburg are also getting quite a large chunk of the tourist traffic and their lifestyle and nightlife have become a great attraction for the foreign tourists. In all this one aspect of this huge continent has been neglected to the most extent and that is its beaches.

People travel to the far away places like Bali and Phuket in South East Asia for finding a tropical paradise on their beaches for a relaxing vacation but if one take a look at the beaches that Africa has to offer then they are by no means less attractive than the ones in the far east. Take the Kribi beach of Southern Cameroon for example, it has the whitest sand that you will ever find anywhere in the world, its waters are calm and clear and it has lush surroundings that provide an awesome shady place to relax on. Yet it has stayed off the tourist’s radar for a very long time and the tourist traffic has just recently started to pick up some pace.

One reason associated with the kribi not getting its due respect in the tourism sector is the internal turmoil that engulfed the southern Cameroon in the last decades of the previous century when there was a movement and a low intensity insurgency for more autonomy for the region. But this conflict has long ended and with a low crime Rate southern Cameron is one of the safest places in Africa to travel to. There is no major airport in the area so if you are arriving from abroad then you will have to take a cheap flight to Douala the capital of Cameroon and then hire a car for the rest of the journey. With the tourist’s numbers fast increasing the tourism infrastructure of the place is improving as well with more and more hotels and resorts opening each year. You can easily find accommodation around kribi according to your needs and budget.

It resembles a lot with Phuket as the beaches are as pristine and the surroundings are as beautiful as in that far eastern paradise. What makes it even better than Phuket is the low price tag attached to it as compared to the tens of thousands of your hard earned pounds you are expected to pay for a vacation in Phuket. There are a number of activities that you can indulge in while on kribi the most famous of them being scuba diving and snorkeling for which you can get the equipment from the resort that you staying in. There are enough deserted places along the beach for you to relax on in solitude or to get a complete body tan. Kribi will surely provide you with your dream vacation in its tropical paradise like settings and you will surely rank it at least at par with Phuket and Bali.

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