One Must Explore Mozambique


Tofo Beach Mozambique

Africa is still the least explored of all the continents of the world and why I am saying this is because there are a lot of travel destinations in this vast continent that has stayed off the tourist radars till now. The main reason behind them not getting the fame that they deserve is the internal turmoil and instability of these nations. Even today many of the most beautiful countries of Africa are going through civil wars which had a disastrous impact on their tourism sector. This was the story of Mozambique as well which because of its internal tensions was never considered by the tourists for their vacations. But with the peace and stability returning to the country in the last decade the tourists have started to get an idea of what this gorgeous country can offer to them. Mozambique has some of the most stunning bone white sand beaches in the whole of the Africa and its scenic beauty is breath taking.

Maputo the capital of the country and also its political and economic nerve center is probably the most gorgeous capital in the whole of Africa. The natural setting of the city sets it apart as it is located on the waterside with lush surroundings. You can find a cheap flight to Maputo from most of the major European airports. Although most of the tourist attractions of the country are located in northern part of the country but it will be a good idea to spend a couple of days in Maputo to acclimatize your self with the local weather and also to enjoy its lively nightlife which is considered as one of the top five in the continent.

Mozambique has a long 2600 miles of shore line and one can enjoy a relaxing vacation any where on this long beach but the most famous of all the Mozambique beaches is Tofo. It is the most well maintained beach of the country with an excellent tourism infrastructure but the main attraction is its sugar white sand, clear turquoise water and lush surroundings. There are plenty of resorts and hotels in the area that caters to all kind of tourists ranging from the ones that are looking for a luxurious accommodation to the ones looking for a cheap one. There are enough deserted places along the beach where you can get a full body tan or just relax in the solitude. The waters of Tofo are perfect for snorkeling and scuba diving for which you can hire the equipment from the local resorts.

Archipélago de Bazaruto are off shore islands of Mozambique that are famous with the tourists for their scenic beauty and the peaceful atmosphere. You will have to hire a ferry to get to the islands but they also have a small airport for which you will have to charter a plane from Maputo. The islands also have a good tourism infrastructure and you will easily find suitable accommodation options in them.

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