Many Questions, One Destination, Johannesburg! One Size does fit all

iSimangaliso Wetland Park South Africa

The mesmerizing city of gold, Johannesburg! A place for family and fun. A place where you get to experience a mix of big-city culture, shopping, dining and nightlife. Up-close wildlife encounters, outdoor adventures and visits to historical sites. The city lets you witness the unique flavors of its past; museums covering art; history, science and apartheid.

The visit to Jo’burg is unmatched; with tranquil and mesmeric landscapes, wildlife and natural brilliance at its best. Traditional villages of local cultures, working gold and diamond mines and the Cradle of Humankind, where the remains of an early human, Australopithecus, were discovered. Altogether all of these cater for the flights to Johannesburg throughout the year.

Wait, here are some facts you should know before you pack your bags:

Jo’burg is Africa’s second largest city. The city’s profusion of trees – approximately six million, make it the largest man-made forest in the world. It has got a subtropical highland climate, (dry, moderately sunny) much suited for an enchanting holiday experience with the family.

Planning to take family?

Jo’burg is one of the finest upcoming tourism destinations of the world. Wide range of extraordinary theme parks for kids and adults alike. Wildlife sanctuaries, botanical gardens and natural landmarks. All this will enable and ensure a remarkably amazing and safe experience for your whole family. Few of the major attractions are:

Your kids must have loved you after watching Lion king in 3D!! Try this:

The lion park comprising of 200 hectares of grassland and forest where you actually get to cuddle with young lion cubs. Then there is the Johannesburg zoo where there are more than 3000 animals and more than 365 species, with highly acclaimed night tours.

Another attraction for the kids would be the elephant sanctuary, with magnificent African Elephants, more than 400 bird species and many other small and big mammals surrounded by natural greenery and landscape. The amazing sight of creative landscapes, meticulously maintained lawns and fountains at the Joburg botanical garden, provides you with and peace. There are numerous world class theme parks, where safety and amusement are of core importance.

Wanna show your better half what it takes to get that ounce of gold:

At gold reef city, you get to experience how miners worked, lived and were entertained in the early 1900s. Interactive gold-mining experiences are the highlight of this theme park, which also contains the standard thrill rides and games.

Cape of Good Hope, where Indian Ocean clashes with the mighty Pacific:

iSimangaliso Wetland Park, spans over 280 km of coast line with swamps, lakes, beaches, coral reefs, wetlands, woodlands, coastal forests and grasslands – supporting an astounding diversity of animal, bird and marine life.

There is plenty to do;

    Fishing, Boating and scuba diving Hiking, Horse riding, Game viewing, Whale and bird watching & most importantly Hot air ballooning over some of the most splendid scenery of Jo’burg.

For people in mood for some taste of history and culture, Johannesburg doesn’t disappoint at all. Jo’burg has a rich and interesting history, with wide variety of historical sites and cultural tours.

Art & Culture:

Khayalendaba, cultural villages to offer insights into traditional African ways. Lesedi Cultural Village, exciting traditional dance display, craft market, pub, restaurant etc. Santarama miniland, Embark on a fascinating journey through South African history by viewing more than 80 scale models of prominent landmarks.

The Apartheid Museum, tells a story of the triumph of the human spirit over adversity and oppression. It’s been conceptualized by a team of curators, film-makers, historians and designers. It takes at least a half day to go through it.

Johannesburg Art Gallery The gallery is the biggest gallery in the continent, with a collection larger than that of the South African National Art Gallery in Cape Town. It was voted Best Gallery in 2004, 2005 and 2007 in The Star Readers’ Choice Awards.

Don’t forget to charge your camera batteries & take a few dozen memory cards, they are guaranteed to run out soon

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