Experience Comfort and Luxury, at Upton Hall

Upton Hall Durban

The Upton hall gives you an impression of 1930 mansion but it is built in such a modern way that your eyes will not believe it. It has all the electronic features of a modern five star hotel and its security is very good indeed. The guest house is located in the main city of Durban, being one of the most prime cities of South Africa a lot of people come and visits this city and Upton Hall gives them an opportunity to spend their visit in a luxurious way. Travelers coming to the fascinating city of Durban will be joyed to hear that the access to the city has been made easy via extremely flights to Durban. It is a great place to be at and Upton Hall is your place to live at.

There are some world class facilities proved by the management here at the hall they include, a twenty four seated dining room where the entire guest can dine togatherĀ and exchange views about the stuff happening around. There is a fourteen seated room which is fitted with satellite conferencing facilities along with that there are fourteen seated private dining rooms for those people who would like to maintain their privacy.

There are private lounges where people can sit and watch television while having a cup of coffee. There is special dining place near the ponds that is available if and only if the weather permits, there is a state of the swimming pool and near the pool there is a gym, steam and sauna facilities. All the rooms have humidifiers and free internet service is proved by the hotel. Other facilities such as mini bars etc. are also provided in the rooms.

There is wide variety of suites to choose from, there are African people suite, agriculture suite, beaches suite, chick shak suite, diamond mining suite, grassland suite, Namibian dessert, and North African, Rain Forest and Wildlife are the rest of the suites. Each of them is decored and designed specifically according to their names, you can select any of the suites according to your own choice. All the suites have excellent views of the city and some private balconies overlook the magnificent pool terraces.

There are a lot of activities happening in and around of Upton Hall so you will not get bored, one would always find something to get busy with. There are major stadiums, parks and golf courses near the Upton Hall. The hotel is ideally located as the city center is very close by and one can walk to that place easily.

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