The Shear Class at The Table Bay Hotel, Cape Town

Table Bay Hotel Cape Town

The Table Bay luxury hotel looks like a scene out of a perfume ad where the mammoth hotel structure stands tall overseeing the cool Atlantic Ocean breeze and has within close proximity the cosmopolitan city of Cape Town where the hotel guests can avail plenty of entertainment opportunities all day long. Whether you fancy taking a plunge in the deep water, or fishing deep water, Jet Skiing, windsurfing, snorkeling and scuba diving all remain at the behest of the traveler.

The beach merely a five minute walk from the hotel gives you the opportunity to enjoy a fun filled day with your family and loved ones where you can enjoy the leisure and tan and bear witness to one of the finest sunsets in the region, so book your cheap flights to Cape Town now. The Table Bay hotel is strategically located near the Modern Victoria Wharf Shopping Mall which is a shopper’s paradise where you can shop for some quality apparel, shoes and other retail goods. The malls are classy and boast impressive infrastructure offering foreign food outlets among others. The hotel has a magnificent entrance exuding luxury and opulence with Italian marble flooring, ornate murals with a touch of exotic, huge crystal chandeliers and French limestone pillars.

The hotel staff is extremely friendly and efficient thriving to please the most discerning of guests. The hotel has grown into a sumptuous three hundred and eleven (311) bedroom and eleven (suite) business retreat outfitted with cutting edge amenities. The suites provide the most picturesque views of the neighboring harbor area which is still operative and a stopping point for global yacht races. Those who fancy some sailing can also live up their fantasies.

With fine dining options all around and within the hotel the Table Bay hotel has a reputation of providing delectable culinary expertise and has a team of professional chefs having particular expertise in African, Chinese, Italian and European specialties. The fine cookery and chow at the stylishly decorated cuisines and restaurants is a delight for everyone and ensures that your taste buds are tickled with the luscious spices and curries.

The bars offer a range of free flow liquor ranging from Martinis, vodkas, chilled beers, Scotch whisky, cocktail and fresh juices. The bars also host weekly DJ nights and parties where you can seize the opportunity to meet eligible bachelors from all around the region. The stand-up comedy sessions are an excellent way to do away the stress.

The hotel offers something for each guest. From casino’s for the gambling addicts to a blissful Spa for the relaxation addicts to a range of fine dining options for the guests with the most insatiable appetite, the Table Bay hotel is a must visit for everyone.

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