A Place to Call Home in Uganda

Laico Lake Victoria Hotel Entebbe

If you want more than just a good vacation during your summer holidays, want a new and enchanting experience and want some adventure, fun or even an opportunity to relax, bask in the sun and get a tan then we have just the right magical place for you. The pearl of Africa; Uganda is no ordinary safari destination; it is a country with fantastic natural scenery and a rich mosaic of tribes and cultures.

You will certainly be captivated by its beauty, safety, accessibility, the friendliness of its locals and its most entertaining days which will give you a chance to have the time of your life. Entebbe is a great place to make your home while you adventure across the rest of the pearl. Entebbe enjoys the status of a game reserve and is home to Ugandan Wildlife Education Centre, the Botanical Gardens, the beautiful beaches along the Lake Victoria and so much more.

This gorgeous city is ideally situated near the country’s capital Kampala and can certainly keep you entertained throughout your stay with its clubs, entertainment centers, theaters and so much more. This can also be the perfect, quiet little town to find great accommodation in as its great five star hotels will see to it that all your needs are satisfied, that is why we are offering flights to Entebbe.

The Laico Lake Victoria Hotel is one very good example of great accommodation and luxury lodging facilities in Entebbe and one which can easily keep you entertained and give you nothing to complain about. This is a four star hotel situated ideally in the heart of the city only a short drive from the capital and an even shorter one from the airport. With a great number of exceptional rooms and suites, there is a great choice to choose from on your prerogative, but you can be sure that all of them can easily provide you with the comfort and luxury you will find in any other hotel in the world.

The accommodation provides breath taking views of the golf course, lake or garden. The hotel also offers great amenities including an outdoor pool for you to take a swim in, a great heath club, a pampering spa and sauna which treats you with its amazing massages and treatments, poolside and swim up bars and so much more.

Another very popular hotel in Entebbe is the Imperial Resort Beach Hotel which is a five star hotel along the shores of Lake Victoria and it covers almost 30 acres of graceful terraces on the white beaches of Lake Victoria. It goes without saying that the views from its private balconies are simply sensational. This amazing hotel not only has great leisure facilities like the outdoor pool, gym, spa, beach stretches and water sports facilities but it also has great, mouth-watering treats waiting for you in its brilliant restaurants which offer all kinds of local and international cuisines. This is a great hotel which you can compare to any other in terms of its facilities and the experience that it can provide you.

Uganda and Entebbe are both full of great attractions which can enchant you make you want to come back for more and you can find great accommodation in Entebbe to be able to enjoy the rest of the Ugandan experience. This opportunity to go there cheaply is one which you should more than just consider.

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