Experience the Best of Nature at The Nile Porch Lodge, Uganda

Nile Porch Lodge Uganda

Africa features a lot of attractions many tourists search for. A holiday that has adventure, luxury, and exploration of the rich culture and some activities that forever make you remember you holiday. There is no denying the fact that the continent of Africa is blessed with great natural beauty. The wondrous Nile, the teeming wildlife and the beautiful subtropical forests are a sight to see. The wonderful water falls are another one of the attractions that brings so many travelers here. One such example is that of the spectacular Bujagali Falls, that is located at the bottom of the ‘Nile Porch Lodge’.

All this offers a unique experience in attractively appointed tented lodging and family cottages, now you can just be a click away as we offer cheap flights to Uganda. The units have been so designed to capture the best of natural scenery while not compromising privacy in any way. The ideal position of the units allows uninterrupted views of the beautiful surroundings, the lush vegetation and that of the river. For couples coming here on a honeymoon, there can be no location more ideal than this one. You can get completely lost in nature, while enjoying the luxury and tasteful decoration of your cottage.

The Nile porch in Uganda is a famous for a lot of things. The best thing about it is the celebration of the African culture. You can enjoy the best of nature around you as you relax in your hammock under the shade of trees during the day and of the starry sky at night. The crystal blue swimming pool helps you relax and unwind, while the cool wind brushes against you; it is a feeling of a true holiday. The native flora and fauna give a more adventurous and beautiful look to the surroundings.

There is a rafting/kayaking activity which is highly adventurous and gets the adrenaline pumping. The challenge where you try to conquer the rapids in a 14ft raft is truly exhilarating. There are other less adventurous activities on offer like kayaking, quad biking, zip lines and village walks. You can also do some horseback riding, some community projects to keep you occupied. There is something for everyone and surely everyone will be satisfied for what is provided at the Nile porch.

The accommodation includes eight safari tents which include king size beds, plasma screen TVs and a lot more. The thatched roofs, charming rustic interiors, sleeping in a tent will be a great experience for guests. The lodge offers locally made furniture and fittings that are specifically designed for the Nile Porch. The use of natural resources provides comfort and is pleasing to the eye. The onsite bathrooms are a unique experience in themselves. Designed keeping in mind the local landscape, the fittings are simply beautiful and the views are breathtaking. Imagine you taking a hot shower while you watch the famous River Nile flow by.

The amenities on offer are a beautiful, marbled En Suite Bathroom, a great view of the Nile River from our beautiful and optimally placed rooms. There are showers with solar water heaters. The Thatched roofs to get a feel of the local culture. Verandas offer great views both in night and day times. Moreover, the efficient room service will make sure that your every need is looked after.

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