A Dream Holiday at The La Maison Hotel, Morocco

La Maison Morocco

One thing can be surely said about the La Maison, it’s a few minutes from Marrakech but miles from the world. For those who have come to Morocco to be dazzled by the scenic beauty, the great sightseeing and the absolutely stunning weather, Marrakech is a great city to come to. Apart from being the vibrant metropolis that it is, there are a great many number of fabulous places to visit here.

For those who prefer to stay at a place within reach of the city and come back to a comfortable, relaxing place should visit the La Maison Des Oliviers. The name of the hotel which means the house of Olive trees says a lot about the hotel. The hotel is only ten minutes from the palaces, sourks, museums and the mosques travelers seek to visit. You are provided with a perfect place to relax while you get to enjoy the city as well. It is a perfect combination, the relaxation and calmness of the vicinity and the vibrant metropolis so near to you.There are regular cheap flights to Marrakech. The hotel gives a feel of great comfort and luxury. The guests are provided with numerous facilities to ensure a memorable holiday.

The Wi-Fi internet access enables them to stay connected to their loved ones wherever they are. The lobbies are all air conditioned and there are Non-smoking rooms so that you breathe easy during your stay. A welfare service is provided which enhances the comfort and luxury of guests staying at the La Maison. The hotel La Maison des Oliviers offers 20 suites and 10 rooms. All have been decorated in traditional oriental style and fully equipped with television, telephone, and air conditioning. The lower suites feature beautiful private gardens and semi-private swimming pools. The location of the rooms is near the main heated pool and includes televisions, air-conditioning and a safe.

There is a charm in the architecture of the hotel which is designed keeping in mind the traditional raid. Many amenities are on offer like the sparkling water of the hotels outdoor swimming pool. You can relax under the blue skies while you take a dip in the pool, letting go of your qualms as you do so. Or relax in the way locals have been for centuries at the hotel’s hammam. For those who like to read, there is a peaceful library where you can enjoy a book and make the best use of you time.

The hotels restaurants provide excellent cuisines for the guests to enjoy. By day there are great views of the hotel structure, its unique architectural structure and at night the scenery is further beautified by the lighting of the hotel. The Spa and gym at the hotel La Mason welcomes you to a whole new sense of well-being. Discover the beneficial benefits of our treatments … the calming waters of our vitality pool, current qualities of the La Mason sauna and steam lounge or simply relax in the tranquil surrounds of our Hydrotherapy Lounge.

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