A Marvelous Adventure at The Tswalu Kalahari, South Africa

Tswalu Kalahari South Africa

The Tswalu Kalahari Reserve is one of the prime locations for those who are fans of watching game reserves. Recently renovated, the place is clearly the best when it comes to luxury and style. Decorated in the unique African style, the Kalahari reserve features a number of Tswanas (Villas) which are truly things of beauty.

Each includes a spacious bedroom, with a bathroom that has indoor and outdoor showers, there is a large lounge with a beautiful fireplace and of course the crown jewel is the deck that overlooks the water hole. You can see the blue waters from above and the colors will really dazzle you. The other section of the resort includes five luxury bedrooms that include heated showers, swimming pools and decks. You can enjoy a quiet afternoon in the library available at the resort as well. Regular flights to South Africa are available for travelers.

The place is a marvelous adventure. There are game dives, archeological sites to be discoveries and wonderful Meerkat Sanctuaries as well. There are a number of child programs for families with children. The variety of activities includes Archery, tracking, baking etc. There is an outdoor pool and a smaller solar heated pool as well. An activity of hot air ballooning is also available so you can enjoy the best of the landscape from above.

For environmental enthusiasts, there is an activity of eco-tourism available too. Watch the savannas and the cycles of nature in play while on this activity. You can visit the gift shop and buy souvenirs to take away with you or indulge in the horse riding safaris. The resort provides something to for every one visiting there.

The food at the lodge is something to surely remember. It will make your holiday brighter and more memorable. It is an experience of tastes, wonderful scents and colors. Tswalu executive chef takes pride in sourcing only the freshest of ingredients and makes marvels with the dishes. A meal here will be a memorable affair. There are a variety of menus to choose from and there is the option of sea food is also available. Enjoy the best of crabs, lobsters and grilled prawns as you watch the seaside at night.

The spa facility at the Tswalu is a reinvigorating and refreshing experience. The therapeutic benefits and the tranquility of our facility are exemplary. Discover the best of spa treatments; give your body the treatment it deserves here at our spa. Rest assured that no expense has been spared here in making this into a world class facility. The elegant and soothing décor will replenish even the weariest of bodies here.

The spa facility helps to provide a sanctuary from modern life’s rigidities. Allow you to be cared for by our skilled therapists and leave our haven feeling totally rejuvenated. The expert personal trainers here offer a range of massages, facials, manicures and pedicures as well. Moreover, the financial costs of the treatments are incredibly affordable which makes frequent visits a must.

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