Feel like James Bond in Antananarivo, Madagascar

La Varangue Madagascar

Madagascar has transformed itself over the years to become one of the most phenomenal traveling destinations in the world. It is one of the world’s largest islands and contains an immense diversity of animals, flora and fauna not to mention has some of the finest palm lined white sandy beaches anywhere in the world.

Offering from great sports and adventure to opportunities to relax, an amazing culture and so much more we are sure this is the perfect place for you and your loved ones to go this summer as we believe in its undoubted ability to enchant you and leave you completely mesmerized.

We want you to find out yourself why Antananarivo was chosen as the perfect destination for one of the most exciting Bond films in recent times. The capital of Madagascar is built on 12 hills and steep steps lead to the main Independence square in the town center, it is truly a bewitching place which is easy on the eyes.

Antananarivo popularly known as ‘Tana’ will surprise you with its renowned rice paddies, Asian looks, cobbled streets and churches. We are offering cheap flights to Antananarivo because this place is neither Asia, nor Africa but something completely unique and a place which can offer the most amazing of time.

One of the first things you will notice about the amazing capital is the way that it is built on hills which is truly a sight to behold, the architecture is fascinating ranging from old wooden houses to modern offices and French colonial style buildings which is why one of the most recommended ways to see ‘Tana’ is by walking along the cobbled streets which are bustling with people and have lots of churches, mosques and plenty of markets called ‘Zomas’. It is quite evident just from the architecture and way of life that this place is truly unique with its own charm.

Apart from being able to buy most ornaments, artifacts and souvenirs from the ‘Zomas’ you can get a great sense of the culture and heritage of Antananarivo which is quite interesting to say the least. You can easily enjoy one of the best Mediterranean dining experiences of your life in these small markets with food that will certainly satisfy your inner foodie. Restaurants like the KUDeTA and LaVarangue make sure that you are left wanting nothing more. All this not to mention the attractions of the beaches nearby and the great hotels and resorts which pamper you to the fullest make ‘Tana’ just the right place for a trip this summer.

Madagascar is truly the ultimate dream for any vacationer who wants a bit of everything, from its amazingly beautiful and long stretches of beaches to its array of intricate architecture, great culture, amazing landscapes, friendly people and promises of adventure and unique experiences which will blow you away this place is undoubtedly the perfect place to go this summer and the chance to there this cheaply is something no one should miss that is why we recommend that you book your cheap airline tickets as soon as possible and get on a plane to this place.

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