An Enchanting Holiday at the Raffles Praslin Seychelles

Raffles Praslin Seychelles

The legend of the Raffles has travelled across the continents due to the wonderful facilities and the excellent quality it has shown over the years. Tourists and travelers rate this as a stunning and a luxurious establishment, providing all the elements necessary to make a wonderful holiday. The Raffles in Seychelles is truly enchanting, with the marvelous location near the Indian Ocean, the white sand beaches and much more.

The hotel seeks to provide guests with a much needed break from daily qualms and tensions they face. A holiday which is an escape, a new beginning as well as refreshing is in store here. The resort is of Boutique/ Classic design making the spa and outdoor activities a major part of the offering here. A holiday here would be one full of adventure, an intimate experience with nature and one of extreme relaxation as well. Regular cheap flights to Seychelles are on available around the year for travelers and tourists as well.

The hotel provides an elegant accommodation. The decoration is wonderful and classy making you feel even more comfortable and at ease. There are eighty six villas fashioned to provide extreme luxury and comfort to the guests. All of them offer stunning views of the ocean and the lush green surroundings as well. The rooms are built to capture the wondrous scenery that is the highlight of the resort. All the rooms feature facilities like minibars, air-conditioning, complementary toiletries as well as a 24 hour room service.

Dining at the Raffles is a memorable affair. You can taste and enjoy the wonderful flavors and aromas at the Curieuse restaurant where the cuisine is sumptuous and wonderful. The atmosphere of the restaurant is also wonderful as it captures the stunning surroundings as well. The meals are prepared using the freshest ingredients and wonderful recipes to make it so special. You can enjoy the traditional African or the Mediterranean delights here. There is the Danzil lounge bar and the Takama Terrace lunge where you can enjoy evenings and glasses of cocktails or tasty wines.

The location features a number of highlights for guests. One of them includes a technology Centre equipped with computers and internet connections, printers and fax machines along with DVD and CD collections as well. There are a number of child programs available as well including ones for toddlers, children and teens. Your children can enjoy daily games and activities on the resort. The spa facility comprises modern day technology coupled with traditional techniques to make it a wonderful facility. Enjoy the therapeutic treatments here and make the most of your holiday.

The beach is another attraction with its fascinating views and wonders of nature. Surrounded by lush green hills and beautiful waterfalls, the place is a great location for those seeking adventure and natural beauty along with it. You can set sail for a sunset cruise on a boat along the Indian Ocean; there is also a private helicopter available to make you enjoy the scenery. From all this it’s evident that a holiday at the Raffles is personalized, it’s all about you, this is what makes us special.

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