The Beauty of Marrakech with Vom Riy

Vomriy Marrakech

A holiday at the VOM RIY features the best of each aspect. It offers the peace and tranquility of the private property along with the wonders and the hustle and bustle of the city. The hotel features an atmosphere of tranquility and that of extreme class as well. The design has been made by Quentin Wibaux and the traditional architecture, the l0cal materials and original tone of the 16th century are some highlights of it. There is a wonderful Jacuzzi courtyard, a terrace Solarium and the building interiors feature the century arcs in them as well.

The living room has been decorated in a fine way including a warm tone of rich colors and beautiful woodwork as well. The hotel features a number of nicely decorated accommodations as well. The rooms are of great taste and quality. The atmosphere created by the ancient and contemporary design, the marvelous settings and amenities give you a special feel and make a stay here a memorable affair. Regular cheap flights to Marrakech are available.

The rooms at the VOM RIY provide couples and small groups with a modern comfort and a classic surrounding as well. The place really has a subdued luxury to its surroundings with the rooms featuring beautiful courtyards and salons. The accommodation features a total of 4 bedrooms all of which are finely decorated. The first floor features a bigger of the villas and a dining room as well. The master bedroom features a fireplace and a bed along with highlights of purple and red color. The other rooms are furnished with single beds and décor so as to maximize the wonderful view from outside. Also many amenities are offered at the villa which enhance the comfort of your stay and make it more of a good memory.

Fine dining is offered on site at the VOM RIY. There is a maid service and also a menu that can look after your needs and also to arrange a dinner for up to ten people. The location of the terrace and patio makes it all a nice dinner party. Food prepared here is of the finest quality and made using the freshest ingredients as well.

You can have a romantic candle lit dinner at your own room or enjoy an evening party at the dining room on the first floor as well. The powerful atmosphere and the natural surroundings along with the great food, make it one of the major attractions of the lodge.

The city is nearby for a variety of activities. You can come back to the peace and quiet of the lodge when you wish to and enjoy the adventures and entertainments of the city when you want. The city is among the most famous in Morocco, where the culture and the local cuisine is among the most famous attractions. A number of activities like the theatre, museums, fine dining facilities and much more is on offer and all this at a stone’s throw from the VOM RIY.

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