Enjoy the French experience at the Le Vendome

Le Vendome Hotel Cape Town

Hotel Le Vendome with its timeless elegance and classic luxury invites you to enjoy a memorable holiday here. The hotel is a magnificent establishment and features a great location with many amenities on offer as well. Imagine enjoying the city of Cape Town, with the South African hospitality and a wonderful dining facility all in one go. The hotel is famous for the fact that it provides a unique “home away from home” experience.

Inaugurated in 1998, the hotel quickly became famous for its famous French blend in architecture, along with the fine dining experience that it offered. There are world class facilities available for a special sporting or corporate event, making it a most preferred destination. Regular cheap flights to Cape Town are available around the year.

The hotel features a total of 143 rooms and suites. The rooms are all individually decorated and feature a bland of French architecture and furnishings. The decoration in each room is elegant and tasteful. The natural light and artificial views have been most looked after. Even with the Old World design, it has been made sure that the smallest details are most looked after.

The hotel rooms also feature modern amenities like high speed internet, satellite connection TVs, stocked mini bars and room service as well. There is also a guest link system for on-screen messaging. The rooms are also available which are specially decorated to suite business needs. Such rooms have been provided with writing desks and other facilities as well. The hotel also features an express checkout service for those who want to keep an eye on time.

The hotel is famous for its dining facilities. You can experience the best of cuisines in Cape Town while at the Le Vendome. The place is certainly renowned for its culinary masterpieces. Prepare to experience the many tastes, colors and flavors that are in store here. You can enjoy and choose from a variety of international and local wines as well. The cuisine, coupled with the powerful atmosphere will be a great experience for you. A holiday with great food always is remembered, the restaurant of the Le Vendome, helps you doing exactly that.

The hotel features a number of other highlights as well. The hotel itself is a small luxury hotel group member, making it a part of exclusive events in the region. The Le Salon hall and the state-of-the-art conference room provide a wonderful venue for private dinners, book launches or other group events. A total of 300 guests can be accommodated as well and the facilities on offer here include Videoconference and private boardrooms as well. Moreover, the hotel also offers secretarial services as well for the enhanced comfort of the guests.

There is also a world class active gym and fitness center with modern equipment and personal trainers available. All this along with a wonderful swimming pool outside helps you enhance the “holiday” experience with us. You can enjoy a number of cocktails and outdoor break fasts near the pool side as well.

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