The Wonder of The Sheraton, Ethiopia

Sheraton Ethiopia

The Sheraton has always made its mark as a great establishment. The location of the one in Ethiopia adds to its luxury. The hilltop covers the best of the surroundings and gives a wonderful view of the area as well. Also the hotel is located near the National palace which Is only about seven Kilometers from the Airport. The place is renowned for the wonderful hospitality and the elegant surroundings and also holds the accolade of being the first luxury hotel in Africa.

The hotel features many luxuries including large and spacious rooms, conference rooms and club facilities. The relaxing atmosphere and the wonderful surroundings make it the best getaway for a tourist or business man. Regular cheap flights to Ethiopia are available around the year.

The hotel provides about 1500 miles of open space, vast and elegant grounds with a grand beauty and lush surroundings as well. The rooms are 293 in number and make the best and most elegant accommodations. The fine linens and the décor with marble bathrooms make them a wonderful place to stay at. All feature stocked mini bars, 24 hour room service and a lot more to tempt you with.

The staff looks after your every need and makes sure the holiday you spend here is a great one. Also the décor features certain tranquility and a subdued elegance as well. The mahogany furnishes and the wide windows make sure that you are in a place that provides relaxation, class and entertainment as well.

Dining at the hotel is a wonderful experience. There are many restaurants available along with the facilities of the Aqua Club. The place has a powerful atmosphere and features great dishes prepared using the freshest of ingredients and making the most from them. The chefs take pride in paying attention to details and making sure that your meal is the best part of your holiday. The various tastes colors and flavors can satisfy and please all that who dine here.

Other facilities include hiking, shopping and jogging activities. You can enjoy the museums and the wonderful spa facility that we have. The fitness center has all the modern equipment; there is a business center and a meeting space that can accommodate many. The high speed internet facility makes sure that you can stay connected to your loved ones while you are on a holiday.

The Sheraton features an amazing spa facility which is indeed a refreshing and reinvigorating involvement. A massage here provides you with a prospect to enjoy amazing therapeutic benefits and much more. You can really give the best to your body and discover what you have been missing. Expert trainers, herbal juices and treatments make this a really world-class facility. The wariness and problems that you often experience will go away leaving u fresh and healthy. Also the facility is one that provides sanctuary from the rigidities of life.

Once you are here, give yourself up to the proficient trainers who will ensure that your body gets the best dealing it deserves. A wide range of facials and massages are offered here. All this makes it a really great facility and one also affordable and thus one that can be enjoyable often.

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