The Incredible Bahari Beach Hotel, Mombasa

Bahari Beach Hotel Mombasa

Kenya is one of the most popular African destinations and that is with good reason. People come here from all parts of the world to enjoy the great opportunities for adventure and a unique cultural experience. This is a place quite unlike anything else you have ever experienced and it promises more than its share of worthy attractions. Not only is Kenya immensely beautiful and home to some of the most modern cities in the world it is also a place which provides the perfect setting to let the heat off and relax with its spectacular sights and the most luxurious of accommodation.

Kenya is the chance to spread your wings and try all the things that you have been wanting to do since you were a child and all its places provide you the most engaging adventures and thrilling experiences but if there is one perfect place in all of Kenya which can promise you both adventure and thrills as well as solace and inner clam then it has to be Kenya’s magical coastal city Mombasa which takes the prize for Kenya’s best destination and just so happens to be the perfect destination for the summer also which is exactly why we are offering cheap flights to Mombasa from the UK .

From some of the greatest world class beaches in Africa, perhaps even the world, to great historical and cultural sites which scream volumes of the African heritage, to restaurants specializing in all kinds of seafood and international cuisines and so much more this is one enchanting place bound to make you fall in love and keep coming back for more. Casinos, bars, restaurants, adventure sports and beautiful scenery, this place has it all but what makes it even more capturing is the opportunity it provides for the most luxurious stay you can comprehend.

The Bahari Beach hotel is one of the finest examples of an amazing place to call home while in Mombasa. This world class hotel is situated on the Nyali Beach on Kenya’s North Coast and overlooks the enticing warm waters of the Indian Ocean. This is one tropical paradise, set in lush green gardens around palm trees and bougainvillea which from the perfect backdrop to the very exclusive beach.

The architecture itself portrays the Swahili influence as it is built in traditional style from coral blocks and palm thatched roofs which give you the true feeling of a vacation in Africa, but be rest assured this is no place to be taken lightly. The numerous rooms and suites that you can choose from open to spectacular balconies or terraces and have some of the most luxurious settings with elegant designs and good comfort. The Bahari Beach Hotel also boasts the amazing dining experience that all of its restaurants in the main building offer, making sure that even your taste buds have nothing to complain about.

Other amenities include the outdoor pool next to the bar which is perfect if you want some barbecue right before a dip the gym and a very pampering spa which relaxes each and every fiber of your being. All of these make this an even more irresistible place to go which is why you should not hesitate to plan a trip here.

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