The Classic Luxury at The Maia Luxury Resort and Spa

Maia Luxury Resort and Spa Seychelles

The Maia beach offers numerous options which are a delight for each of its distinguished guests where you can fulfill all your desires ranging from snorkeling, scuba diving, deep fishing, sailing, jet skiing, wind surfing and the list just goes on. The shimmering water lapping with the beautiful stretch of shore line provides the ideal opportunity to re-connect with that special someone while the Maia Luxury resort is designed in a way keeping in mind the needs of those family vacationers looking for a family oriented get together.

There is a pleasant surprise for the shopaholics where the luxury resort is enviably located a short stroll away from the downtown which is a labyrinth of shops, bars and restaurants. The shops provide the ideal opportunity to buy some genuine clothing, shoes and other quality merchandise from the street vendors and more.

For the environmental buffs you can take numerous excursions to visit the botanical gardens and the nearby tea plantation and visit other public buildings. If you truly want to treat yourself and cast away onto a wonderful nature’s spectacle then latch onto this opportunity and book your cheap flights to Seychelles now.

Those historians, educationists and those looking to enlighten their children with some facts, there is the leisure visit to the Seychelles museum and national archives. Along with a fine teeming stretch of secluded pathways, beaches, cascading waterfalls and up mountains the Maia Luxury resort and Spa also offer horseback riding, sailing and catamaran options to its distinguished guest. The rooms at the Maia resort and Spa are all well apportioned and airy outfitted with sophisticated amenities like big screen Plasma TV with satellite cable connection, dedicated telephone lines, climate control options although the weather remains moderate throughout the year.

With it perfect picturesque backdrops, secluded spots and offering an array of entertainment options, the Maia luxury resort and Spa is the number one spot for many when it comes to heading to Seychelles. The rooms are not only huge they are simplistically decorated with all the luxurious and comfortable decadence you can think of. The resort also features twelve acres of bustling gardens and the green fingers paradise is a feast for the nature lovers holding one of the biggest plant and species collection of plants in the region. The resort for its flawless features was also given the “Best landscape and turf maintenance in Africa”.

Now here’s the good news for the parents, the luxury resort has a number of activity planner and day care facilities available to keep your toddlers at bay. The resort ensures that you get the maximum time to re-connect with your loved one and have a grand romantic time. The luxury sanctuary also caters to the needs of fitness junkies alike by offering a splendid fitness facility equipped with modern machinery and professional trainers to ensure that you enjoy a hard core workout session.

If you further fancy a caviar facial after a workout session then you won’t be disappointed at all. It remains your own prerogative whether you want to enjoy a sensual massage in the privacy of your own room or at one of the treatment rooms.

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