A Bit of History and Pleasure in Fan Court, South Africa

Fan Court South Africa

South Africa is a famous tourist destination. It has all the attractions that are pleasing to the eye, the mood and the palate as well. The Fan court in South Africa provides a center world renowned for business and leisure. The place started out as a large family home, surrounded by lush green palms and hectares of greenery. The place then became a national monument featuring 34 bedrooms along with two restaurants and various business lounges.

The place became famous for its idealistic location, its wonderful history and the soul that it has. The place has been remolded now and another section has been constructed including 133 rooms and 65 luxury suites. The manor now serves as a beautiful club house featuring modern and entertaining facilities like the reading room, the green gardens and quiet passages to enjoy your walks along. The old world charm is a special feature here while the tranquility and the natural beauty make the place a major tourist attraction as well. There are regular cheap flights to South Africa are available around the year for travelers to choose from.

The hotel has a time frame of its own and you become a part of it as you stay here. You can truly feel the richness of old style Panama culture, with the buttonhole hats, the grand pianos and wild mushroom dishes at dinner times. A holiday here is not only a trip to another beautiful destination; it is also a trip to another time.

There are 133 rooms and 65 luxury suites at the hotel all of which are tastefully and elegantly decorated. The rooms feature a touch of tranquility and also have wonderful furnishings. The rooms have been designed to utilize natural light and capture the wonderful scenery outside as well.

The restaurant at the hotel is a prime attraction with its memorable food and famous dishes. The chefs prepare the most modern of dishes blending tradition with the best of ingredients to make marvels. A meal here is a memorable affair with the various tastes, colors and flavors in store for you. The Henry White’s restaurant features dinner breakfast and lunch menus while there are banquet rooms and meeting halls as well.

Other facilities at the Fan court include programs for children including special welcomes, gifts and other entertainments for children of all ages. There is an indoor heated pool including a roman bath for you to enjoy after your adventurous day outside. The hotel features 4 tennis courts as well for sport enthusiasts. Another major feature of the place is the three golf courses designed by Gray Player as well.

The golf courses feature the top facilities and pro shops in the region. The hotel is truly a traveler’s paradise with its hiking and horseback riding facilities. There is shopping nearby and water skiing along with wind surfing and winery tours for your entertainment. There is a famous beach nearby for the travelers to enjoy and a wonderful spa facility available at the hotel.

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