Enjoy the Wonderful City of Alexandria with Sofitel Cecil

Sofitel Cecil Alexandria Egypt

Each year, tourists swarm Egypt due to the rich history buried in its past. There is an endless stream of mystery, a touch of serenity and immense beauty in Egypt as well. Tracing the origins of civilization here, the famous pyramids and the Nile River makes it a tourist’s paradise. A holiday here provides adventure, serenity and natural beauty as well. The hotels in each city are fabulous making it even more of an entertainment.

The Sofitel Cecil in Alexandria is among the most splendid of establishments in the country. It lets you experience firsthand what amazingness and splendor the city holds. The place is located in a business district making it easily and quickly accessible from the airport, the business centers and shopping areas as well. The place was built in 1929 and after its renovation, is a perfect blend of the classic and modern. The attention to detail and subdued elegance will be appreciated by the most discerning of connoisseurs. Regular cheap flights to Egypt are available throughout the year and to Alexandria for tourists to choose from.

The convenient location in the business district enables the guests to enjoy and access the business area, the shopping centers and the yacht club as well which is visible from the hotel terraces. The hotel has 86 rooms on 6 floors and all of the rooms provide the best of lodging facilities and amenities. The rooms feature a classical luxury design and are provided with elegant furnishings and much more. The touch of tranquility in decoration along with contemporary furnishings makes it an ideal place to stay at. The windows provide wonderful views of the skyline and the surroundings as well. The service is impeccable and great attention is paid to detail.

The dining facilities at the Sofitel Cecil are wonderful. The meals are a blend of Egyptian and international cuisine all prepared using the freshest of ingredients and the best techniques. The restaurant on site also comes with a wonderful atmosphere and views of the city. The yacht club makes for an alluring site and adds to the wonder of the place. The meals are a cacophony of tastes, colors and rituals making an interesting addition to your holiday.

Other amenities available at the hotel include high speed internet facility at the hotel. Internet helps you keep in contact with your loved ones and share the precious moments of your holiday as well. There are banquet and meeting halls that can cater large parties, dinners and seminars etc. You can meet guests in the elegant meeting space available at the hotel. There is also fine dining nearby enabling you to enjoy the best of the city. The local cuisine and historical streets of Alexandria will enable you to travel back in time.

There is also a business center with most modern facilities and equipment enabling you to conduct your business smoothly while on a holiday. The fitness center of the hotel comes with state-of-the-art equipment enabling you to enjoy and unwind after a long day’s adventure.

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