The Fantasizing Sheraton Hotel Abuja

Outside view of Sheraton Abuja Hotel

The Sheraton Hotel Abuja is one state of the art facility which has for long been the no. 1 choice for the business and leisure travelers alike offering a unique delight for each of its distinguished guests alike. The classic luxury hotel has recently become one of the most integral part of the new Federal Capital of Nigeria, Abuja.

The hotel is ideally located near the administrative zone of Nigeria and for the expedience of the globetrotting business executives the hotel provides complimentary transport services for their alleviate and expedience. As soon as you arrive at this edifice of luxury and grandeur you are overwhelmed in an aura of unexplained intimacy.

From the janitors to the hotel concierge and the rest of the hotel staff each acts as your personal liaison willing to go beyond the call of duty to satisfy all your worldly desires. The Sheraton Hotel has considerably contributed towards the Nigerian hotelling industry and is a standing ovation and an elation of design and class even for the most discerning guests, so book your cheap flights to Abuja now.

The Sheraton Abuja has a meticulous business facility and the dedicated hotel staff allows you to plan all your business and corporate events and the staff ensures that each is a grand success. The Sheraton Abuja offers a wide array of venues and ballrooms which can accommodate a large number of people outfitted with all the technological advancements including data cable facilities, video conference facilities and wireless internet access all around premises.

The Sheraton Abuja is also home to one of the finest dining venues and offers a feast for the food lovers, grill lovers and sea food lovers. The hotel employs one of the finest chefs from all around the region which hold particular expertise in African, Thai, Chinese and other intercontinental chow. The rooms are incredibly comfortable and designed in a way to maximize your privacy and intimacy. With a decadence of plush bedding, mattresses, feathery linens, quilts and pillow the Sheraton Abuja ensures that your sleep is not compromised.

The rooms feature one of the finest technological advancements including smoke detectors, fire alarms, CCTV camera footages for your fool proof security plan, mini-bar with drinks, mini refrigerator with drinks, smoking / non – smoking rooms, a dazzling writing desk with fax, printer and scanner options and more. For the health conscious people the Sheraton Abuja hotel has a fine Spa facility which employs dedicated professionals who ensure to make your workout thoroughly effective and enjoyable. The fitness center has world class machinery, tread mills and more and also conduct regular Yoga, Aerobics and other cardiovascular exercises.

For those looking for other vigorous alternative the Sheraton Abuja has a fine jogging/running track, tennis courts, squash and others are all there to suit to your varying needs. So make sure that you make the right move and latch onto this fantastic luxury now.

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