Enjoy the Fabulous Sceneries at Ngorongoro Crater Lodge, Tanzania

Front view of Ngorongoro Crater Lodge Tanzania

Have you ever wanted to enjoy sumptuous food from the top of a mountain? With a view so vast and beautiful that would make you want to stay there forever. The Ngorongoro crater lodge was built to give you just that. With the exceptional accommodation and spectacular views that it provides, the lodge is a truly a dream location, for tourists and other guests alike.

Located at the high rim of the mountain, the lodge provides you views of the most fascinating volcanic calderas found around the world. It also hosts the ground for the incredible safari experiences, a large unbroken caldera and many more surprises to temp you with. The lodge, with its unique location and amazing views, is also a great place to discover the local crafts and arts.

There are fire bowls, fresh roses and gourmet delights that are unique to the region. Come and discover the magic and be a part of it. This shall be a trip you will remember for many years to come. Regular cheap flights to Tanzania are available around the year so that travelers can choose from what best suites them.

Many perks and facilities are offered to our guests. There is an upgrade available if possible when you are at the check-in. A wonderful dinner overlooking the spectacular views is also complementary. You can enjoy the best of nature at the Nature Walk in the camp. See the treasures that the forests of Africa hold. Enjoy the game viewing and the various species of animals and birds. Couples who are here for special holidays are in for a really good time. Special care packages and perks are offered to them including a romantic rose petal bath along with sparkling wine to enjoy.

Accommodation at the lodge is really a special affair. The lodge features 30 suites all of which are designed in an exclusive way with the mud and stick manyattai. There is a rounded palace along with a chimney and private balconies to enjoy the fabulous views that we have to offer. The suites offer extreme luxury and comfort and privacy as well. A camp can accommodate a total of twelve people only so that the privacy and exclusive service can be provided to each of the guests. The suites feature paneled walls and hardwood floors along with chandeliers and gilt mirrors. There are also fireplaces and a butler’s lobby. The bathrooms are all elegantly decorated and are well lit and offer a great atmosphere with the fresh red roses and chandelier lit bathtubs.

Apart from this, the lodge offers great food and dining facilities. You can enjoy the views of the crater and your food from the top at the terrace. The dining options are also available outside with the glow of candles and lanterns to enhance your experience. There are also programs for children, there are sitting areas and safaris can be arranged for guests. The lodge is fascinating and wonderful in so many aspects and you can enjoy if you choose to spend your holiday here

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