The Superlative Luxury at The Nairobi Serena Hotel

Exterior view of Nairobi Serena Hotel

From the time of your arrival at this beguiling structure the first things the eyes register to is the lavish interior décor mixed in classic Kenyan architectural and technological advancements. The hotel is justly famed for its highest standards of elegance, hospitality and efficiency for it is the flagship carrier of the luxury Serena chain of hotels throughout the world.

The Nairobi Serena Hotel is enviably located encircled in lush green settings offering commanding views of the Nairobi Central Park and the mind boggling Nairobi Skyline. From the suites located at the top floors of the hotel you can witness the serious hustle and bustle of one of the most vibrant and frenetic city’s of the world. The Nairobi Serena Hotel is considered by many as one of the finest in Kenya with its cutting edge technological advancements and superlative lodging which caters to the needs of not only the discerning business travelers but the leisure seeking well-heeled travelers alike.

The Nairobi Serena Hotel also offers special discount packages for the honeymoon duos and the newlywed couples which make it one of the favorite hotspot for many, so do yourself a favor and book your cheap flights to Nairobi now. The Spa consists of ambitious and enthusiastic team of dedicated professionals which conduct special body massages dealing particularly in shoulder, chest and thigh areas which is a feast for the relaxation addicts.

The special herbal, mint and fruity flavor massages in Chinese, Thai and Japanese styles are a must try if you have just returned from a hard days work or a hardcore workout session which will rejuvenate you to the core. The Nairobi Serena Hotel is also home to one of the finest dining destinations consisting of a team of dedicated professional chefs having particular expertise in Thai, African, European and other intercontinental chow which will tickle your senses down to the core leaving you craving for more.

The central hotel lobby exudes lavishness and comfort based on dewaan sofas, palatial love making couches and other futuristic interior decor which will make you realize as if you have entered into a timeless zone. The Nairobi Serena Hotel’s location makes it a mere hop away from various recreational, ecological and scenic attractions of the downtown Nairobi. The downtown features a wide variety of flashy bars, catchy cuisines and delectable restaurants which offer all kinds of mixed and other intercontinental chow.

The downtown also boasts grand high end shopping malls which are retail legends in their own right where the shopaholics can shop for some quality designer wear clothing, shoes and other valuable merchandise. The suites are not only airy and spacious but also boast one of the grandest lifestyles in the region outfitted with all the technological and communication amenities which you may dream of. The Nairobi Serena Hotel also has fine on-site luscious dining facilities options where you can simply sip and sup in all the possible grandeur which is a feast for the food lovers.

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